Alex is a Teenager! Happy Birthday Time!

September 28th, 2005 changed my life. My beautiful Alexander entered the world at 10:14PM! I had spent ALL day in labor and so anxious to meet him. As the 28th got closer and closer to the end, I thought I was going to have a Sept 29th baby – I was wrong! Alexander wanted to make sure he arrived on the 28th and I was ecstatic over that because I just wanted to meet him.

13 years old is a milestone birthday, he’s a teenager! I can’t believe it. I just wish time would stand still a little bit. I look at Alex and I still see that baby boy that entered the world. He’s just a good kid and he’s always been easy-going and chill and just HAPPY! Literally – he’s always been HAPPY, it’s a blessing.

When William was born I kept journals and scrapbooks and albums to chronicle his entire first year. I was so happy to have everything documented and there for him to read someday. Then Alex was born one year and 3 days later… and I’m going to be honest, 2 baby boys back to back kinda made me slip up a bit on the continued documenting. Then Ben arrived 18 months later and then Henry 13 months later. 4 boys in 4 years. My Irish quadruplets! I started making birthday videos recapping their year about 10 years ago. I knew this was something I COULD keep up with and believe it or not, they’ve become the hit of birthday mornings!

Even at 13 years old… Alex was excited to see what I put together. This makes me happy. This makes me smile. This makes my day!

So – HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful, funny, caring, sweet, kind ALEXANDER! You are my shining star… my meant-to-be!

May 13 be good to YOU!!

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