Summer 2018, I’m Going to Miss You

Summer 2018.

First of all – you went by too fast! I feel like the kids just got out of school and already they’re heading back tomorrow. Summer always goes by too quickly. This summer was a different kind of summer because I really saw up close and personal how “big” my kids are getting. My oldest son is going to be 14 years old in a few weeks, so I really took into account that I have limited summers left with my kids while they’re kids! I was working as a lifeguard when I was 16 years old, as much as I loved my job… my lazy days of summer were over at that point. There wasn’t anymore morning summer swim team. There wasn’t anymore sleeping late on the weekends. There wasn’t anymore playing at my pool club with my friends.

I wanted this summer to be all about FAMILY.

McClelland Family

Last summer we moved and it was a really crazy summer of new beginnings for us. New town. New house. New friends. New everything. I was so focused on making sure everyone was all set all the time that I feel like we never really embraced summer.

I wanted this summer to be different.

I’ve always been a work-at-home mom (with the occasional traveling), so when the summer has rolled around – it’s always been me with the kids. I’ve always adapted my work schedule as best as possible around swim team, tennis lessons, swim lessons, arts & crafts, pool time, beach time… you name it! Growing up the daughter of 2 teachers, I always loved having my mom and dad present in the summer – so that’s always been my goal. It’s not always easy because we’ve never had outside help with the kids, but I’ve always done my best to make it memorable for the kids. This summer I worked from the pool deck at least 3-4 times a week. This summer I woke up super duper early so I wouldn’t miss summer swim meets or just regular lazy days at the pool.

I took in my kids this summer. I watched them have fun. I watched them do little and big things that I know made this summer worthwhile.

I watched William break the 24 second mark in his 50 yard freestyle.

I watched Alex learn to do a 1 1/2 off the diving board (and nearly kill my nerves).

I watched Ben make new friends at our pool club and really bond with kids that aren’t just his brothers.

I watched Henry become an independent kid this summer, which was cute to see. I also watched his learn to flip, too!

I watched Victoria go from being terrified to put her toe in the big pool to going off the diving board on her own by the end of the summer.

I watched my 4 sons really become good friends this summer – at home and at our pool club. They’ve always been close, but as they started to get older – there’s a friendship bond there that I just love and just appreciate. You can’t teach it, you just have to hope for it.

I just watched my kids this summer. Yes, I worked – I have to and I love working, but this summer – it was all about FAMILY. We didn’t take any trips anywhere. We stayed right at home, enjoying our little state of Rhode Island and our pool club. We didn’t do anything over the top crazy, but it was just perfect.

Late nights at the beach.

Pool swimming in the middle of the afternoon.

Tennis matches on the shady courts.

Playground fun with new friends.

Snack bar ice cream.

Grilling at home (almost) every single night.

Sleeping with the windows opens and enjoying nighttime breezes.

It was a summer that I will always remember because it was a summer of just us.

And to be honest – it made it perfect.



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Summer 2018, I’m Going to Miss You was last modified: August 28th, 2018 by Audrey McClelland