Back to School Shopping is something that I LOVE to do with my 5 kids! I’m not kidding, I actually get excited about Back to School shopping! This year I have 5 kids heading Back to School – William will be heading to 8th grade, Alex heading to 7th, Ben heading to 6th, Henry heading to 5th and Victoria heading to Kindergarten! It’s crazy for me – all 5 – in school!

I’m trying my best to get special things for every child before school starts. Everyone loves different things and has different styles, so the shopping is always fun. I recently went to Marshalls to grab a few items for the kids. I wanted to grab each of them something special that really embodied their style. I had some fun discovering some items (ahem Vineyard Vines!) that I didn’t know Marshalls carried! I was thrilled to see my fave brand there!

My sons are sporty and love clothing that they can run, jump and just be total boys in! They also love to dress up a little, OK… maybe just my oldest son, William! But in any case, I was able to grab some great dressy items for him, too.

Now my daughter? She’s all about the pink and glitter and glam! She’s obsessed with anything that sparkles, so being in Marshalls with her – she wanted everything in the cart! It was adorable. After having 4 sons, I really do love having my little girl with me because she’s girly girl and I love seeing her pink passion!

I decided to SURPRISE the boys with my Marshalls surprises!



Giveaway: Marshalls $50 Gift Card


Score some great finds for back to school!

Clothes, shoes, accessories, bedding, journals, etc!!!

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  1. My granddaughter needs shoes and pants. She’s in 9th grade this year, first year in high school.

  2. I know longer have kids in school but notebook paper and notebooks were always at the top of the list

  3. Items for a dorm apartment! She has one roommate and a no-shared room. We need kitchen items as well as items for her bedroom.

  4. Clothes is definitely the number one thing we always end up looking for this time of the year.

  5. I personally need cotton pants for work! I’m going to be working in the cafeteria at my children’s school!

  6. My kids are grown, but I always feel a sense of renewal this time of year and I am feeling the need to ORGANIZE closets, hang pictures I have been meaning to hang, paint my bedroom, set up a vanity situation and I need stuff to help me accomplish these goals.

  7. We always need sneakers and hoodies the most for back to school. That is what my kids live in.

  8. We need plenty of leggins, socks, and jeans. For some reason those are always going missing around here!

  9. What I need to buy most is fall apparel. My kid outgrows his clothes way more than one a year.

  10. The kindergartner outgrew everything over the summer, so a complete new wardrobe is necessary for her.

  11. Those days are over for me because my kids are all grown but clothes were always first on my list

  12. Seriously, more money because back to school is expensive but my son could use some more pants for school.

GIVEAWAY: MARSHALLS $50 GIFT CARD was last modified: August 15th, 2018 by Audrey McClelland