I love a GIVEAWAY!!

Let’s kick off the month with a GIVEAWAY to KOHL’S!!


Get whatever you need – clothing, shoes, makeup, bedding, household items, sports gear, toys, books, movies, etc!!

How can you enter?

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  1. I’d love to get my girls new Skechers and some dresses for back to school! Kohls has clothes that actually fit! Love their jumping bean line for basics! Thanks for the chance!!

  2. The closest kohls is 12 min away at a strip mall near me in portchester, ny. I’m there every week for groceries and also checking out what’s new at kohls. 😃

  3. I go back to school for our staff meeting next Thursday and start with kids the following Monday. I could definitely use some back to school clothes.

  4. Closest kohls is less than 2 miles from my house, on nice days I’ve been known to get my steps in and walk there

  5. The closest Kohls is 15 minutes away. It is next to the grocery store and easy to shop.

  6. The closest Kohls to me is 15 minutes away. I have another one 25 minutes away that I go to as well.

  7. Right now I can use a dressy outfit for a wedding and also our electric griddle needs to be replaced. I really love Kohls.

  8. Our closest Kohls is about 15 min’s away. We actually got two in our area, each is about 15 min’s away from our home. We’re right in the middle of both stores.

  9. I would love a pair of jeans and some long sleeve t shirts and some shoes for exercise

  10. I would enjoy getting clothing for the grand kids – always so much fun.
    thank you

  11. I need a pair of Tennis shoes, I started walking again and mine our so old that I saw a picture where I was in high school wearing them and that was over twenty years ago.

  12. I’m shopping for a crossbody bag for travel…maybe shoes to match 😀

  13. My closest Kohl’s is the next thing down from my grocery store in St Louis county, MO. (St Charles Rock Rd, Bridgeton, MO)

  14. Paducah, Kentucky is the closest Kohl’s to me. About 45 minutes away but that’s where most of my doctors are so I always have an excuse to go shopping lol.

  15. The closest Kohls to me is about 1.5 miles away. It’s real close to us and we shop there all the time.

  16. i need some new dresses. i like to dress up now and i want some new dresses to wear.

  17. we have a kohl’s in tallahassee, fl that is about an hour from us. we work in tallahassee though so we can go when we are in town for work.

  18. I have my eye on a speaker for the bathroom, the teenage girls can hook up to for some music when they shower!

  19. My closest Kohls is right around the corner, literally! Less than 2 minute drive!

  20. I need some socks, a new wallet for my purse and a backpack for my daughter for school.

  21. I need some new shoes for my kids! Especially some new school shoes for my little kindergartener!

  22. I have my eyes on a blouse this week – there is always something wanted from Kohl’s!

  23. I need more summery work tops – we just moved and I can’t get away with wearing sweaters to work year round here.

  24. My closest Kohls is 75 miles away, I shop online a lot. I will be getting my kids school clothes at Kohls.

  25. I could use a birthday gift for my Mother in Law. She is a bit hard to buy for, but I know she loves their sweaters!

  26. My closest Kohl’s is a pretty quick drive, but I usually do my shopping on their website.

  27. We just adopted a little girl who starts school for the first time this month, we are in serious need of good school shoes. We bought a few pairs … a few of everything really … as a welcome home celebration, but she’s already outgrown everything!

  28. Kohl’s is one town over in Aurora, IL and my daughter has been asking to go shoe shopping for back to school.

  29. I’d love to shop for some clothes for my kids. I enjoy checking out the kitchen items too!

  30. My closest store is only 5 minutes away from my house. I probably should shop there more often.

  31. I can choose from 2 different Kohl’s locations, each about 10 – 15 minutes from our home.

  32. I’m blessed that my closest Kohl’s is less than 1/4 mile away from me. Columbus, OH.

  33. I could certainly use some new towels. I think some of mine are over 10 years old. time to refresh that bathroom

  34. I have 3 locations within a 20 mile radius, in Buffalo and Niagara Falls how cool is that

  35. I need to get a new shirt for me and some clothes for my daughter. I could walk to the clothes by us.

  36. My closest Kohls is about 5 miles away at Green Ridge Mall on Alpine Ave. Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  37. I need to shop their Summer clearance right now! September and October tend to be our hot months, so I can get a lot of use out of them before the season ends.

  38. Oh I’d love to win this prize. My twins really could use some fall/winter clothes – I’d love to get some winter coats early. ❤️

  39. My baby girl is starting preschool (tears!). I currently have a backpack & some cute outfits in my online Kohl’s cart. And my husband is a teacher & is in desperate need of new shoes. This momma might treat herself to something shiny, too!

  40. Just put in a Kohl’s order last night! Back to school shopping for my daughter. Love Kohl’s cash because now we get to spend more money next week! Closest Kohls to me is about 30 minutes away.

  41. The kids are going back to school, so I need shoes, backpacks and polo shirts for them.

  42. My nearest Kohl’s is 3.5 miles away in Wilmington, DE. I’m there more often than I’d like to admit. My favorite place to shop!

  43. I am in need of a nice and new pair of jeans right now. This would improve an upgrade at Kohl’s.

  44. I would like a new shirt to wear to work. A couple of my favs are getting near retirement.

  45. I need some new jeans since I’ve gained some weight and can’t fit into several of the pairs I currently own.

  46. I need some summer clothes, they’re probably going on clearance soon too. 🙂

  47. My closest Kohl’s is about 15 minutes from my home in Kentwood, MI. Very convenient distance.

  48. I need hookless shower curtain liners. They can be very hard to find and Kohl’s is one place that I know always has them.

  49. My closest Kohl’s is about 2 miles away. I just moved closer to one… conveniently 🙂

  50. My son has gone through a growth spurt this summer and needs all new everything for back to school – especially pants!!

  51. The Kohl’s closet to me is 2245 Ashley Crossing Dr, Charleston, SC 29414. It’s 15 miles from where I live.

  52. Our nearest Kohl’s is about 30 minutes away in Bowling Green Ky

    I could use some stuff for our baby girl coming in December

  53. I would like to take my nephew shopping for school clothes at Kohl’s. I do like shopping here for all types of items because they have good prices.

  54. The nearest Kohl’s is about 20 minutes from my home. I live in a very small town so we do travel a bit when we go shopping.

  55. I need some slacks for work. I’ve worked at home the last six months and now our office is ready so I’m going back!

  56. I’ve been trying to replace my cookware with better quality cookware so it would go towards that.

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