Why Your Family Needs One A Day with Nature’s Medley

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Why Your Family Needs One A Day with Nature’s Medley

My family’s health is my top priority. It’s something that I’m very passionate about and also committed to, as well. I grew up with parents who were very committed to making sure that my three siblings and I lead a healthy lifestyle. It was something that I appreciated as a child, teen and young adult. My parents are still very active and very healthy, so it’s something that I aspire to be and I want my kids to feel the same. With 5 kids of my own now, I’m responsible for making sure they’re doing everything they can to lead and have a healthy lifestyle. I do the very best I can because it’s something that is really important to me to the core.

I make sure they’re involved in sports and activities to keep them active.
I make sure to purchase healthy foods and keep our fridge and pantry stocked.
I make sure they go to bed at a decent hour every night.
I make sure they keep themselves clean.
And I try my best to lead by example for them.

The one thing that I don’t do regularly is to make sure they’re taking a multivitamin. I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t take one either. This isn’t good because I happen to have 5 picky eaters, so even though I buy the right foods, the question remains – are they getting what they need? Fruits and vegetables are so important for my family’s health, but it’s not always easy to get enough into their diets. Even with stocking my fridge and making sure there’s a veggie with every meal, I still don’t know for certain if we’re all getting the amount of nutrients that we need. The reality is that with our very busy schedules (swim, basketball, soccer, T-ball and football) and all the different food taste preferences in our family, it makes it tough to get all the necessary nutrients we need in just food alone. In all honesty, it’s almost impossible. It should be no surprise to anyone to learn that “Up to 90% of Americans fall short in getting the key nutrients they may need from food alone.” I can see how this happens and I’m someone who tries her best to stay on top other health!

Thankfully, I have an option that works for our family. I’ve been having everyone in my family regularly take a complete multivitamin. Not just any multivitamin… the New One A Day with Nature’s Medley now available at Target.

Why Your Family Needs One A Day with Nature’s Medley

One A Day with Nature’s Medley is the only complete multivitamin with plant-based antioxidants from one total USDA serving size of fruits & vegetables. That’s right, everything you need in that one complete multivitamin. There are no artificial flavors or sweeteners, all the colors are from natural sources. It’s free of all the stuff you don’t want in it, which I love – and it’s also free of high fructose corn syrup, too. Not to mention there’s an option for everyone in our family because One A Day with Nature’s Medley is uniquely formulated for Men, Women and Kids. Since I have kids that range in age from 4-13, I love that they have multivitamins specifically for men, women and kids. It’s not a one-size-fits-all and I appreciate that because our needs are different when it comes to nutrients. It’s just so easy for us! Just knowing that all I have to do is make sure we take a gummy each day is music to my ears. I know my kids (and my husband and I) are getting the nutrients we need in just one bite. Here’s the thing, too… anything that’s easy and convenient for me, I’m all over it. And just having access to talking to so many moms throughout the day online, I know I’m not alone. Moms appreciate something that’s convenient for their children and their lives.

Why Your Family Needs One A Day with Nature’s Medley

Why Your Family Needs One A Day with Nature’s Medley Why Your Family Needs One A Day with Nature’s Medley Why Your Family Needs One A Day with Nature’s Medley

It’s one less thing to worry about and that’s priceless, especially when it comes to something as important as health. Good news!

You’re in luck this week! Cartwheel has an offer at Target that you don’t want to miss on One A Day with Nature’s Medley. Check out this offer for 20% off good through 7/28 http://bit.ly/2KuKKdP

Go ahead – grab some and try them out

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  1. I would try these. I currently take One A Day Womens, so I might give these a taste to see if I feel any type of difference. I know this is a great brand!

  2. Ooooh thank for sharing the coupon code. That is awesome. We will have to give these a try. We are currently out of vitamins.

  3. That’s a good deal at Target. So great that you’ve found something that you love. We try mainly to get vitamins/minerals from whole & healthy foods.

  4. Wow, that looks like a nice supplements or multivitamins for kids. I am glad that it has an anti-oxidants and mostly used natural ingredients. I really need to try this for my kids.

  5. My niece has a big bottle of this from my sister. I believe it is really effective for her as she rarely gets sick these days.

  6. My family loves One A Day Natures Medley! They taste so yummy and help me know everyone’s getting the vitamins they need.

  7. I love One a Day vitamins. I have been taking them for 2 years now.They are the perfect way to make sure I get all the vitamins I need!

  8. Our health is so important, but it doesn’t hurt to save a little while keeping healthy. One A Day gives me a little peace of mind knowing my kids are getting nutrients needed for growing.

  9. My family’s health is my top priority too and our teen son is actually taking One A Day for Teen. I would love for him to try Nature’s Medley. Love the fact that it has plant-based antioxidants.

Why Your Family Needs One A Day with Nature’s Medley was last modified: July 16th, 2018 by Audrey McClelland