“Not One Type” Campaign – Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer in some way, shape, or form touches everyone. I’m always looking for the best ways to spread awareness. When I learned about the Not One Type Campaign, I jumped at the opportunity to share all about it and get it’s message on my blog. It’s very meaningful and it’s very important. We ALL have a story of someone who has been effected by breast cancer, it’s horrible and just a shame. I’m going to share my personal family story here.

“Not One Type” Campaign – Breast Cancer Awareness

I’ll never forget being in high school and learning that my cousin, who was in her 30’s and a mom of 3 at the time, was diagnosed with breast cancer. It shook our entire family. This beautiful, vibrant, young woman… we just couldn’t believe it. She fought hard for 7 years. She lived fearlessly for 7 years. And she made it her mission to make sure that the rest of our family stayed on top of their breast health.

I don’t know much personally about the type of breast cancer my cousin had and battled. I know she fought hard. I know did everything she could. I know she was too young. My beautiful cousin Cathy fought for 7 years, but sadly she passed away in 2004. It broke my family’s heart and it left a void in our hearts forever.

Cousin Cathy

Now as a 40 year old mom of 5, I think about my cousin Cathy often. Being a mom changes things, it’s not just about your life anymore, it’s about the lives around you – the ones you made and the ones you foster. I look at my sons and my daughter and I want to stay on top of my breast health and my health in general for them and for me. I want to do what I can and learn what I can so I know I’m being proactive about my health and staying on top of information that’s out there.

Audrey McClelland and Family

It’s unbelievable to even write this, but breast cancer is one of the most frequently diagnosed cancers among women in the U.S. and one of the most widely recognized diseases in the world. This year, breast cancer will claim the lives of more than 40,000 women in the United States. 40,000 women.

Although October is breast cancer awareness month, I’m always very proactive in sharing anything I can about ways to spread awareness. Widespread recognition of the pink ribbon has rallied interest for nearly 30 years and it’s absolutely incredible. From tennis balls to coffee mugs there is no shortage of pink in October, all in the name of breast cancer awareness.

I even try my best to wear pink every single day in October just to keep myself aware and show support of doing what I can. But one thing that is important to note is that the focus on “pink” may lead people to perceive breast cancer as one disease. Many don’t understand that there are many different types of breast cancer.

Breast cancer is extremely complex and not a one-size-fits-all disease. It’s classified into different types based on the unique characteristics of each tumor, including the size, lymph node status, stage and subtype, among others. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. Understanding the many types of breast cancer is important – not just for those diagnosed, but for those who love them.

Not One Type Campaign

Genentech, Living Beyond Breast Cancer and ThirdLove have teamed up launch the “Not One Type” campaign, encouraging women and their loved ones to take a closer look at breast cancer. When I first heard about this partnership I knew I wanted to do what I could to spread awareness because it’s so important to make sure we’re all armed with the necessary and important information to help those around us. At some point in all of our lives, everyone will likely know someone with breast cancer and may be involved in helping loved ones make treatment decisions with their doctor. Making sure you’re armed with the information you need is extremely important.

Not One Type Campaign

It’s always the right time to educate women and their loved ones about breast cancer, and outside Breast Cancer Awareness Month it’s even more important. I hope you understand and see why spreading awareness about the Not One Type campaign is so important to me. Please make sure you spread this knowledge and stay on top of your own breast health, too.

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Genentech. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. Breast cancer is such a nefarious disease, and we need more and more recognition of it out there. We know a lot about it, but we’re still finding out more and more everyday.

  2. Breast cancer is such a complex disease and it attacks all women differently. I think the most important thing to know with this cancer is that we need to know MORE!

  3. I appreciate you sharing this. So much more attention can be brought to breast cancer. It seems that when we’ve learned something about it, more info pops up.

  4. It’s so sad to lose a family member from cancer or any other disease. My aunt had it, and so did my cousin. I appreciate your talking about it and bringing it out in the open.

  5. I actually had no idea about the different forms. It really scares me and I hope I am doing enough to be preventative!

  6. Cancer has taken away so many loved ones and it breaks my heart every time I learn someone has cancer. I’m glad you’re doing this and raising as much awareness as you can about breast cancer. It’s clearly not the same for everyone and it’s good to equip yourself with more knowledge about it.

  7. Cancer has taken most of my family. This is so very important. Especially to speak out about and raise more awareness of. I had no idea there were different forms of this. Wow

  8. It’s so awful to lose a family member to it. I know we’ve all been affected by it in one way or another. So looking forward to the time when there is a cure.

  9. Understanding that breast cancer is different for everyone is so important. We all look for signs, but they may be unique for each patient. It’s so important to stay on top of our health, with the help of our doctors. The numbers are staggering, but I’m hopeful our vigilance will bring them down.

  10. I love this campaign so much! I’ve had so many affected by breast cancer, I need to pass this info along!

  11. Thanks for the more detailed information on breast cancer because it is not just one type. I know a few people in my family who passed from this and I really wish there was a prominent cure for it.

“Not One Type” Campaign – Breast Cancer Awareness was last modified: June 4th, 2019 by Audrey McClelland