Hood Sour Cream Transforming Dinner

Dinner is a big deal for me because that’s the one time during the day when all of us are together. Hood Sour Cream is an ingredient we love using!  We’re all so busy with work and school and sports and activities… dinner is that relaxing time when we all can sit down, put the phones/laptops away, eat, talk and share about our day. It’s precious time to me and it’s something I genuinely savor every night.

Hood Sour Cream Transforming Dinner

Hood Sour Cream Transforming Dinner

There’s nothing like looking around my table and seeing my family, that to me is everything. I’m excited to share how Hood Sour Cream is Transforming Dinner for us!

Let me start from the beginning! I learned a long time ago that dinner time in our house needs to work for everyone. With 5 kids that range in age from 4 to 13 years old, I have to admit – I think I have the pickiest eaters in the world. It’s not easy when you have picky eaters. You need and want them to eat, but they all don’t like the same thing. One meal certainly does not fit all in my family, so throughout the years I’ve had to get creative when it comes to thinking of ways to get everyone to eat and (most important) enjoy what I’m serving.

The good thing is that there are certain products that all of my kids love. It makes it easier on me because I can think of ways to constantly incorporate these types of products in so that everyone is happy and eating. Sour cream is one of those items. My kids cannot get enough of sour cream! It’s funny because I was the same way when I was kid, my mom always jokes that I would’ve put sour cream on cookies if she let me!

Hood Sour Cream Transforming Dinner

For our family – all I buy and serve is Hood Sour Cream. I’m a New England girl and just like other New England families, I have trusted and been loyal to Hood Sour Cream for years to make delicious meals even better. I remember my Nana using Hood Sour Cream when I was a little girl, it makes me smile to think that I’m bringing it into my own kids’ generation, too. Hood Sour Cream consistently delivers on a rich, creamy and delicious taste, acting as the perfect complement to our family’s favorite dishes.

So how does Hood Sour Cream help me with my picky eaters?

Easy. There are 2 ways that I use Hood Sour Cream weekly in our house for dinner.

Hood Sour Cream Transforming Dinner

First way? Taco Bar!

We’re big taco fans here! The only thing is that none of my kids like the same kind of toppings on their tacos. They all love taco night, but that call create different kinds of tacos! I stopped trying to make everyone the same kind of taco years ago when I realized dinner was easier when I created a taco bar. It’s the easiest and most convenient thing in the world to do! I make my taco meat, get my shells and burrito wraps and then plate all the different toppings – cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, guacamole and sour cream. Everyone gets excited and digs right in! We’ve designated Tuesday night as our TACO NIGHT!

Hood Sour Cream Transforming Dinner

Everyone starts with the meat, but then everyone gets creative in how they want to top it off! This is the fun part for everyone! One of my son’s tops on cheese and sour cream. One of my son’s tops on cheese, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole and salsa. One of my son’s tops on cheese, sour cream and salsa. One of my son’s pops on sour cream and guacamole. And Victoria tops on cheese, sour cream and tomatoes. I’m all about EVERYTHING ADDED on, as is my husband, too! We’re pretty easy!

Hood Sour Cream Transforming Dinner

The best part?

Hood Sour Cream Transforming Dinner

Everyone eats and enjoys dinner! We all may not be eating the same kind of taco, but we are all devouring what’s in front of us and that’s all that matters to me!

Second way? Potato Bar!

My kids will not (for the life of them) eat a baked potato plain, they need some toppings! I’m all about serving baked potatoes because they’re easy to cook right in the oven. There’s really not much prep, so anything that’s easy like that is always a win for me with my family. It’s just always tough to actually get my kids to eat the potato… so I have perfected a Potato Bar!

I will bake some potatoes and then create a yummy assortment of toppings like bacon, cheese, chives, butter and (our fave!) Hood Sour Cream! I love watching my kids create their potato masterpieces! They always look so good! I’m all about adding everything right on top – I’m a “pop it all on” type of girl when it comes to my baked potato! What’s easy about having a Potato Bar is that everyone can pick and choose what they want. There’s no worrying about if they will eat! Thankfully this is a big score for us in our house!

So these are my 2 easy ways to make dinnertime more fun and exciting! By bringing Hood Sour Cream into my dinner rotation with our family it easily enhances and transforms our recipes from simple to spectacular! I love it!

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You can buy Hood Sour Cream at grocery stores near you! We head to our local Shaw’s!

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  1. Sour cream is my family’s jam! We use it for taco nights, baked potatoes, cheesy Mexican casseroles. I will put it on almost anything at least once just to see if it works! LOL

  2. Do you know I don’t remember the last time I had sour cream, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of having it for a while I totally need to get me some in my life!

  3. Never tried sour cream on a tacos but it looks like a good one. I will definitely this on our next taco day and I hope they will like it.

  4. Give me all the sour cream in the world! The moment I saw your post title, I said to myself “Mmm… sour cream! Mmm… tacos!” Lo and behold, you MADE it a taco-night! Awesome!

  5. We also love Hood products! They make the best dairy products, and that sour cream really does make everything taste better.

  6. Taco night is always a big hit here too. My kids can be picky so having them top off their tacos with all of their favorite things, like sour cream, works out perfectly.

  7. We love tacos over here, but I’ve never tried putting sour cream on my tacos. Thank for the idea. I’ll try that next time. Looks good!

Hood Sour Cream Transforming Dinner was last modified: July 23rd, 2019 by Audrey McClelland