Happy 70th Birthday to my Dad!!

Happy 70th Birthday to my Dad!!

I’ve often said that I hit the jackpot with my father. I’m not kidding, I literally hit the jackpot of jackpots with my dad. He’s just the best there is and I feel blessed every single day. He’s just one of those guys that gives and gives and gives and asks for nothing in return. That’s just him. He’s a giver.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people my father has touched in his lifetime. This is a guy who is still best friends with buddies he had in middle and high school. This is a guy who is friends with people that I’m friends with! This is a guy who people just love to be around. He dad has this ability to make people feel comfortable and just bring them right in.

My dad is also a dad who just loves his kids. There isn’t a time when I’ve left him when he hasn’t said to me, “I love you kid.” There’s a power in that for a child. There’s this unconditional love bond that you feel all over. It’s the way I am with my kids because I was brought up that way.

Birthday Celebration

You know when you become a parent you realize that it isn’t always easy. It’s hard. You constantly are wondering if you’re doing a good job or not. My dad just always did an amazing job. He never missed a thing. He worked hard for us. He did everything he could for all of us. He is just the best best best in the world.

So it was only fitting that last night we celebrated my Dad’s 70th with his closest family and friends! We had it at his favorite Aiden’s Pub in Bristol, RI and it was awesome to see him surrounded by the people he loves the most in life. It was beautiful to see!

I love you DAD!! I love you more than anything in the entire world!

As I said last night, I must have done something pretty good in a past life to get you in this lifetime!

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