Basic Train Etiquette (Don’t Laugh!)

Basic Train Etiquette

Basic Train Etiqutte

I travel by train to NYC about 4 times a month for work. There are many things I love about the train trip from Providence to NYC (and then back again!). I love that it’s so relaxing. I love that it’s so easy. I love that it’s so quick (when I don’t experience delays). I love that it’s just convenient for me. Driving into the City can be a very LONG drive, especially with Connecticut traffic. The train is my saving grace!

As I boarded the train this morning from Providence, right away in the first 45 minutes I noticed a few things which didn’t sit well with me:
1. Someone started coughing like crazy ALL over to the person next to them on the train
2. Someone got up to get off and left ALL of their trash on the seat
3. Someone decided to play their music loud enough for the entire car to hear (thankfully the conductor asking them to turn it down!)

I couldn’t get over how some people just don’t seem to care or (better yet) think about other people on the train! This is not a private train ride and we were definitely not sitting in a VIP car (not that you should cough and/or sneeze on anyone!). It just really opened my eyes as to how some people just don’t have any train etiquette. This isn’t a cheap way to travel, so it’s important for everyone to be conscious of how they travel on the rails!

I’m sharing some of my basic train etiquette over on the TUBE today, hope you like it! Love a THUMBS UP if you agree!

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  1. LOL, I love this PSA dished up with a bit o’ sass! Agree 1000% with all your etiquette pointers in the vid!