Mommy and Me Styles from The Children’s Place [$50 GIVEAWAY!!!!]

Mommy and Me Styles from The Children’s Place


Mommy and Me Styles from The Children’s Place. Are you ready for this? When my 4 sons were little I would always put them in matching clothing. I mean – from tees to bathing suits to button downs – they would be my 4 little boys all rocking the same exact thing. We would be stopped all the time by people telling us how cute they looked! I would always say to them, “With 4 sons – I have to match them up!” As the years went by, I continued to match them until they told me (cue the tears for myself) to stop. They just reached a certain age where “matching with your brothers” just isn’t the cool thing to do. As much as it killed me, I listened and I respected their decision.

When I had Victoria in 2013 – a dream of mine came true. And honestly – it was a dream I didn’t even know I had until she was born. I could “twin” with my daughter! I knew she would never have a sister to twin with, so for me – I thought it would be fun to twin with my little girl. I waited so long to have a little girl, so I figured – I’m living this up for all it’s worth! From the second Victoria was born I started to look for items that would match together. Believe it or not, it’s not that easy to find twinning items for Moms and their Daughters. I just started to buy similar looking clothes to make it work, but my true love was when I could actually find a Mommy and Me version of the same exact item.

If you follow me on Instagram you know that throughout the last 4 1/2 years I’ve done some fun twinning with Victoria, but it was until recently that SHE started to ask to twin. This made my life! I’m not even kidding, she literally made my life when she asked if we could twin together. She’s my little sidekick and I’m just in love with doing things with her and dressing like her! I know at some point she’s probably going to ask me to slow down and stop the matching, but until then I’m living it UP!!

The Children’s Place was GENUIS! They just launched Mommy and Me Styles from The Children’s Place! I’m literally ALL over the styles and the outfits because it’s wonderful having options and at amazing prices! I’m usually scouring boutiques looking for things and then waiting forever for them to arrive! Not with The Children’s Place! The clothing is so cute and so on-trend and so reasonable!

If you’re looking to start the TWINNING trend with your girl, you NEED to check out The Children’s Place! I’m not kidding – you will fall in love with the fashions and the styles.

We’ve already started our #Twinning on Instagram with our The Children’s Place Mommy and Me styles…

Mommy and Me Styles from The Children's Place

These green floral dresses are my favorite! Victoria wore hers to school yesterday! She can’t get enough of it! She walked in like she was a model rocking the runway! It was the cutest thing ever!

Mommy and Me Styles from The Children's Place

We’re our own GIRL CLUB at home and we’re proud to be the founder members! We are obsessed with these tees and love wearing them together!

The Children’s Place has so many more styles for you to choose from for you and your girl! Stock up on some adorable matching styles for the spring and summer months ahead! You will stop traffic with your Mommy and Me matching looks from The Children’s Place!

Head over here ——> Mommy and Me Matching Styles to see them ALL!


Mommy and Me Styles fro The Children's Place


Come on and enjoy some of these styles for yourself and your little one!!!

$50 Gift Card – The Children’s Place

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  1. Love the color and style of these dresses! I also spied matching PJs!!!!!!!

  2. I love the dress, but The Girl Club Tees would be much more useful (worn more often).

  3. I like the green with the light and dark blue patterns on a dress the most of all items on the page.

  4. Aww. This is so cute! I love twinning outfits! I love the pink shirts the best!

  5. I think both sets of outfits are fun and cute, but if I could only pick one I like the green dresses the best.

  6. I am in love with the girl club tees from Childrens Place! Id love to match outfits with my daughters!

  7. I like the girl club tees. We shop at the children’s place ALL THE TIME! We love their style!

  8. Those green dresses are beautiful. You should do more mommy and me sessions.

  9. LOVE love LOVE the dresses! Me and my Chloe Pearl would be so thrilled to rock them!

  10. The green dresses are my favorite. They’re so colorful and stylish.

  11. The green dresses are my favorite! SO pretty! Thanks for the chance at this awesome giveaway!

  12. I LOVE the green dresses! They scream Summertime to me and look fabulous on you both!

  13. Tough call but those green dresses are gorgeous! I know my daughter would love that.

  14. I like the Girl Club clothes set the best and I think my great niece and her mom would like them best too 🙂

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