Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Are you looking for any last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas? I feel like this must be my Mother’s Day light in life. I’m never someone to pull back when it comes to gifts. I love to give gifts and yes, I love to receive them, too. I’m all about making sure my gifts for my own mom are special. I’m going to be honest, I would love to think that my husband and kids take the same amount of time and energy to think of something for me, too. I love a good gift, especially since it’s a holiday that means something to me. So tell me – Is This The Worst Mother’s Day Gift Ever?

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Let me start off by saying that I love my husband more than any wife could love their husband. We’ve been together for almost 20 years now, college sweethearts… so believe me when I say this, I love my husband to the core. He just really sucks at Mother’s Day gifts. I wish I was kidding! LOL! I’m not at all. I’ve often seen him rushing and he’s always looking for last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas.

When I celebrated my very 1st Mother’s Day with William back in 2005, it actually was perfect. My husband surprised me with a beautiful Helen Ficalora charm and started my collection. He even went a step further and surprised me with a trip to Rhode Island to visit my own mother. We were living in NYC at the time and I missed her so much! I was also pregnant with Alex during my first Mother’s Day with William (6 months to be exact!), so getting around was beginning to get difficult. Matt made sure it was the easiest and most perfect holiday for me. He wasn’t looking that high and low at that point for last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas.

As the kids started to get older, every time Mother’s Day rolled around he would joke and say, “But you’re not my mother!” He would always laugh, but I would always get this strange sense that he kinda wasn’t kidding! I kept saying to him, “Yes… but we have little kids and what are they supposed to do – go out and shop?” Thankfully ever since preschool the kids always came home with beautiful and fun little delights for me! I’ve never been neglected on Mother’s Day, I’m not saying that… I’ve just always made Mother’s Day about everyone else and not me.

Does that make sense? I always pick the restaurant that the kids would want to go to. I always pick activities to do that everyone will be happy with. I always make sure the day is about everyone else too, not just me. I’m not saying this to be like, “Oh… you’re wonderful.” Believe me – if you know me – I’m NOT like that… I’m saying this just so you have an idea of how I am on Mother’s Day.

For some reason this year, I kinda just thought THIS year would be different. My kids are older. My husband is getting to know better. We’re not extravagant people, so it’s not like I expected a BMW with a bow in the driveway. I just was hoping to wake up to a special breakfast, flowers and made some little gifts. My sons Ben and Henry bought me things at their school Mother’s Day shop, so that was perfect! And my Victoria made me a special frame with her photo in it, which I loved.I looked up to my husband smiling and he said to me, I have a video I want to show you. WHAT? No last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas at midnight?

I actually thought to myself, “OK… this is different. What’s going on here?”

And he played the video… which was him and the kids all telling me how much they loved and appreciate me. They showered me with beautiful thoughts and kept saying that they wanted to make my life easier. I hand to GOD thought they were sending me away for 5 days on a cruise! That’s where I thought the video was going. BUT… at the end of the video… my husband said, “So we all decided that they best thing we could give you for Mother’s Day is a CHORE CHART.”

I’m sorry. Come again?


Wait. Surely not for me. And then it dawned on my… my husband (literally) created a CHORE CHART for the boys. A 7 day a week chore chart.

I hate to admit this, but I was crushed. This “chore chart” is something they should all be doing to help out with ANYWAY, not just gift me as a Mother’s Day gift. For some reason I just shut down, like it really got to me. I preferred the rushing out for Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas… not putting together something that I feel the kids should be doing for me ANYWAY!

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

And the worst part, nobody understand why I was surprised and taken back by a chore chart. I tried my best to explain to my husband and I could tell he was very hurt and very insulted, too. Believe me – he meant it with good intentions. I get that, but I couldn’t believe how far off he was on the chore chart for me. I love that he wants the kids to help me out more, but shouldn’t that just be? Or am I being way too sensitive here? After I cooled down a bit, I definitely saw where he was coming from… but I just kept thinking – this should be anyway. I’ve been asking them to do this since we moved into our new house.

I asked my husband this weekend to sit down and record a video about the CHORE CHART! We’re going to start doing videos every Monday together… a little series called McCLELLAND MARRIAGE MONDAY! My husband is a riot, so I knew it would be a fun video to make with him. Check out more YouTube videos, too!

What do you think? Where do you side?

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  1. I will be married for 47 years come September and my husband was also of the ” You are not my mother” persuasion. I came to just accept that guys don’t get the whole Mother’s Day thing like moms do. It didn’t stop me from making a fuss over him on Father’s Day. I looked forward to all the school made projects and I always knew that I was loved. Now that all our kids are adults, they make this day extra special and my husband has even come around to making it special too in his own little ways. I see both sides of this video. Matt was trying to do something long term to help you out daily and you were looking for that special thank you. I think you both just have to smile and move along. You have a beautiful, loving family and every day is a gift. But….my biggest question in the video was why wasn’t Victoria on the chore chart???

  2. Oh dear! Not exactly a fun gift. At least get something that you can enjoy and treat YOURself a bit! That’s my take!

  3. I most definitely have to agree with you on this. We have 5 girls now aged 13-31. My husband has always made a big deal out of Mother’s Day towards me with our girls. He has always made a point that me as their mother will be respected and honored. I could go on but I will not. I think you should treat yourself. 🙂

  4. You need to add to the chore chart for monthly entries for the husband – plans to remember Mother’s Day! (starting a year in advance)!. I”m sure it must be maddening, many guys just hate this whole getting gifts or thinking of something special to do to remember someone. He might appreciate it if you made it perfectly plain what you want, like pin a printout of a pocketbook that shows where and how to buy it, plan for the breakfast/brunch out, etc. Stinks, but some guys are clueless. I’m guessing the chore chart was a good try, it is hilarious! Right up there with getting a garbage disposal or vacuum cleaner for Mother’s Day. What does he do for his own mom – you probably help with that!!

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