101 Things To Do with Teen Boys

101 Things To Do with Teen Boys

101 Things To Do with Teen Boys

My life revolves around teenage boys right now! It’s just the way it is for me. I have 4 sons who are all in the tween/teen stage, it’s crazy to me that they’re this old… but that’s the beauty of time, it doesn’t stop! My sons are non-stop. You will never (ever) catch them just sitting and doing nothing. They’re here, there and everywhere. They are always on the go and always (I mean, ALWAYS) asking me if they can go do something! It’s funny because since the 4 of them are all about the same age, they always have a built in partner in crime.

But here’s the thing. As they’re getting older, gone are the days of reading together on the couch at night. Gone are the days of holding hands and walking to the playground. Gone are the days of building forts in the living room and camping out together. Gone are the days of blowing bubbles and making them belly laugh. Time has a way of doing that, the stage of life changes and it’s something that I’m trying to keep up with for myself and them!

I’m a list girl. I love to make lists of things that I can do and should be doing. I love to make lists of what needs to get done for the day and what needs to get done for the week. So… I took time this weekend to come up with a major list of 101 Things To Do with Teen Boys! Teen boys are a different breed than toddler boys! I love doing things with my sons, but I want to make sure they’re happy and I’m happy. I want to make sure that we’re all having fun – and OK… I’m more zoned in on my sons having fun, but that’s just the mom in me!

101 Things To Do with Teen Boys

Laser Tag
Paint Ball Tag
Ropes Challenge
Mini Golf
Run a 5K or 10K or any road race!
Play Fortnite
Pottery Class
Cooking Class
Bike Ride
Roller Blading
Roller Skating at a Rink
Ice Skating
Street Hockey
Rock Climbing
Volunteer Together
Make Dinner Together
Road Trip
Staycation – Explore your State
Join a Book Club Together
Learn a New Language Together
Visit Colleges
Bedroom Makeover
Go to the Movies
Game Night at Home
Plant a Garden
Shopping for new Clothes
Watch Old Family Movies Together
Make a Scrapbook Together
Make a Puzzle
Head out to Breakfast
Head to a local Zoo
Head to a local Theater
Head to a local Museum
Head to a Professional Basketball Game
Head to a Professional Baseball Gall
Head to a Professional Football Game
Head to a Professional Hockey Game
Head to a local Pool for swim time
Mountain Climb
Amusement Park
Head to the Beach
Head to local Yard Sales
Fishing Trip
Horseback Riding
Fly Kites
Make a Time Capsule
Corn Maze
Bake in the Kitchen
Visit a local City
Ninja Warrior Course
Fancy Dinner Out
Decorate the House for the Holidays
Paint a Room in your House
Head to an Aquarium
Head to a Planetarium
Apple Picking
Carve Pumpkins
Strawberry Picking
Take Art Classes
Head to a Carnival
Enjoy a Picnic
Head to the Gym Together
Make YouTube videos (or start a channel together)
Go Golfing
Make Crafts
Trampoline Park
Pajama Day (all day!)
Play Tennis
Movie Marathon on the Weekend
Look for Free Festivals in the area
Do Yardwork Together (make it fun)
Head to a Lake and Skip Rocks (TALK the while time)
Canoe Rides
Take Sailing Classes
Make Your Own Sundaes at Home
Ski Trip
Stay a local Hotel
Host a Get Together at your House with his Friends (get to know them)
Watch Fireworks
Make Chocolate
Start a Small Business Together
Create a Massive Scavanger Hunt
Take a Train Ride Together
Visit Where you Grew up
Head to a local Comedy Club (obviously where teens can go!)
Do a Triathalon Together
Create a Video Game Tournament
Head to a Concert
Head to a Porfessional Soccer Game
Tour a stadium of a Team they Admire
Visit a Destination that they LOVE
Set-up a Mom/Son night with their Friends
Make Your Own Pizza Night
Dance Party (even moms have moves)

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  1. Thank you for the ideas! My son will soon be a teen but I already feel the attitude and hormones making an appearance. He used to want to do everything with me but now all he wants to do is play video games with his friends. I need to practically drag him to do anything fun with the family. Once he gets there though he has a great time!

  2. Love these ideas! I have a 13 year old boy who I’m always racking my brain on what to do with him on the weekends with his friends.

  3. My boys are not teens yet, but I know it will go fast, so I’ll have to remember some of these!

  4. Thank you for all the great ideas. I have twin teen boys and it has become more difficult to relate to them and find things they want to do with us.

  5. I like the going to the Professional Hockey Game idea! We have a team in our town yet haven’t gone in years.

  6. These are great ideas! I am always looking for fun ideas to do with my teenage nephew. When they are younger, it is easy to find fun things to do, but as a teenager, he just rolls his eyes at me. LOL