Thank You Purell for Helping Us Get Through the Stomach Flu #ByeByeGerms

Last week was stomach flu hell. The only “person” there for me? Purell for Helping Us Get Through the Stomach Flu.

Yup, hell.

It started with my son Alex last Sunday (March 25th). He started to look a little pale around 12PM and then within an hour he was complaining of a stomach ache. There was no escaping it, my poor Alex starting throwing up and it continued throughout the rest of the day. I kept him home from school on Monday because he was feeling weak and still looked pale. But on Tuesday, he was a new kid! He was feeling great and ready to rock and roll again! Nobody else had gotten sick by Tuesday morning, so I thought we were in the clear and (honestly) was thinking that maybe Alex just had food poisoning. I couldn’t believe how fast it came on, so really – I was keeping my fingers crossed!

Well, unfortunately I was wrong.

Tuesday night, as I was putting Victoria to bed she told me she didn’t feel well. I kept asking her if her stomach hurt, but she kept saying no. She said he head felt weird. I laid with her that night until she fell asleep, she was definitely tossing and turning… but I just thought it was because her head was bothering her. Around 2AM she woke up crying so I brought her into bed with us and at 2:30AM she threw up. Victoria got it! My poor little girl was up all night sick, she couldn’t get herself settled, so I just let her rest on me with a bucket right next to her.

Wednesday morning Benjamin threw up around 6AM.

And my oldest William starting throwing up around 8AM.

3 kids home with an awful stomach flu.

Henry – my youngest – said he was fine! I sent him off to school because he was 100% himself and eating and joking and bouncing around that entire morning… which was refreshing because everyone else except Alex was down for the count. I sent him off and told him that if he starts to feel sick at all, go to the nurse ASAP!

At 1PM I got a call from the nurse that he looked pale and said he had a stomach ache. I raced to the school and got there just in time, by the time I got him in the car with a bag… he threw up.

4 kids home with the stomach flu.

After I got everyone settled on Wednesday afternoon, I sat down to try and get a little work done… I went directly to Twitter and vented for a second, just sharing that I had 4 kids home with the stomach flu and I was trying my best to keep everyone hydrated and the house clean!

Within 10 minutes I got a direct message from Purell

I sent along my info and the VERY next day I had a big package waiting for me at my door.  The package was filled with Purell products!!!!!!!

Talk about amazing social media from a brand we love!

I couldn’t believe how fast the package arrived and was very much thankful for them reaching out to me.

As you can only imagine… my husband was “hit” with the stomach flu on Thursday. Our entire house was out of commission all week with the stomach flu and I was too crazy trying to keep up and help everyone, so I wasn’t able to head out and buy any products.

Full disclosure… I’ve been a long time fan of Purell, but this simple outreach – with them asking for nothing in return – went above and beyond for me. It was also great because I didn’t know that Purell had hand soap and multi surface disinfectant! The multi surface disinfectant is amazing! I’ve been using it since we got it! It kills 99.99% of germs (including cold & flu, E.coli and norovirus). And best of all, it’s worry-free around kids, pets, and food because there’s no harsh chemicals or fumes.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Purell! You helped us out when we needed you the most! And you helped prevent the spreading of it to other people in our life… including me, I never got it! THANK GOD! I was the last “man” standing!

I will always remember this simple, but effective outreach!




Thank You Purell for Helping Us Get Through the Stomach Flu #ByeByeGerms was last modified: April 14th, 2018 by admin
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Thank You Purell for Helping Us Get Through the Stomach Flu #ByeByeGerms was last modified: April 14th, 2018 by admin