Happy 11th Birthday to my BENJAMIN!

Happy 11th Birthday to my Benjamin!

My happy, silly, smart, hard-working, determined, sweet Benjamin!

Benjamin is my 3rd son. I got pregnant with Benjamin right after a very difficult miscarriage. I was very sad and just out of sorts after I miscarried, so the news of my pregnancy with Ben really helped me out. I always say that with Benjamin… I not only wanted him, I needed him. He was a light for me and it was something I will forever remember and cherish. I always joke with Ben because I was a nervous wreck throughout my entire pregnancy. I think I went for sonograms every week from the time I was 5 weeks pregnant through 18 weeks, just to make sure he was developing on track. Everything was perfect for me with Ben and when I finally delivered him and got to hold him, I felt like the world was as it should be in the moment. He was finally here.

Happy 11th Birthday to my BENJAMIN

I simply can’t believe that my “little” Ben is 11 years old. Ben’s on track to be the tallest of all my sons. His foot is already bigger than mine! I always say to Ben that he’s my gentle giant because I’m only 5 feet and he’s already my height! I can’t say enough about Ben, he’s just my Ben. He’s been excited for his birthday since last April 4th, so you can imagine how excited he is today!! I’m hopeful his day is filled with magic, surprises and lots of JOY!

Happy 11th Birthday to my BENJAMIN

As is tradition in our family, when there’s a birthday – there’s a birthday video! I gave up on baby books when Alex was born, so I thought the next best thing would be to recap the year through a video montage. Thankfully the kids have approved throughout the years!

Here is Ben’s!

Hope you enjoy!

Love you Ben!


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