5 Ways My Mom’s Ballsiness Has Impacted My Life #ThatsBallsy

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Are you ballsy?

Are you daring?

Are you fearless?

All the women in my life who have inspired and motivated and supported me have embodied these attributes. They are the women who just dare to dream and go after what they want!

They are – in true essence of the word – BALLSY.

I’m beyond obsessed with BROOKSIDE Chocolate’s newest campaign called, “That’s Ballsy.” As you know, BROOKSIDE is the daring ball of dark chocolate with exotic fruit flavors created for daring women. I love BROOKSIDE Chocolate because they mix, fuse and experiment with flavors such as acai, pomegranate and goji until they uncover the most interesting and delicious dark chocolate combinations. The result? Tart is zingy, dark is sweet and chocolate is ballsy! You truly have an unique taste experience from start to finish. And the best part right now? They are inspiring and championing and celebrating women everywhere who are daringly different and ballsy.

I have to be honest with you, the second I first learned about the #ThatsBallsy campaign from BROOKSIDE Chocolate, I immediately thought about my own mom. My mom is a dream-getter … limit-pusher … goal-finder … never-say-never … amazing MOM! She’s everything and anything you wish for in a mom because she’s always had that incredible the-glass-is-always-half-full attitude and she’s always up for adventures. She’s shown me how to live an extraordinary life and make magic happen on my own. She’s shown me that anything is possible (regardless of age) and I’ve just always basked in the awesomeness of being brought up by a woman who is always ready for LIFE.

She has had many “ThatsBallsy” accomplishments in her life that have impacted me, but it wasn’t until I became a Mom myself that I really saw how special and unique and cool it was to have a mom who just was insanely ballsy! It really should me up close and personal how much of her has truly rubbed off on me and just how proud I am of the woman she is today. She hasn’t let anything stop her and that’s ballsy right there!

5 Ways My Mom is Ballsy

What has she done to inspire me and be daringly different? I’m going to share with you 5 distinct #ThatsBallsy accomplishments.

1. My mom started running for the very 1st time in her mid-50’s. She couldn’t even run 1/2 mile when she started, but she kept going and she kept trying. She wanted to be heart healthy for herself and our family. She (to date) has now run 2 marathons, 5 half-marathons and finished 2 Half-Ironmans.
2. My mom is terrified to even fly in airplanes, but when she turned 60 years old, she wanted to push the limits and conquer a fear that has paralyzed her throughout her life, so she went SKYDIVING. We couldn’t believe it!
3. My mom taught high school for 30 years. Upon retiring 13 years ago, she could’ve just retired and relaxed … but she was ballsy enough to start a new business with her 2 daughters, which has evolved over time into MomGenerations.com!
4. My mom was one of 3 kids, sandwiched between 2 brothers. Her parents only had enough money to pay for her oldest brother to go to college, but that didn’t stop my mom. She applied to Rhode Island College her senior year of high school and worked full time throughout her college years to pay for school. It was tough on my mom working full time and going to school full time, but she didn’t let it stop her. She dared to be different and get an education. Her dream was to be a teacher and she made it come true.
5. My mom rallied to help create a program for kids who had dropped out of high school. It was a big risk to bring a dropout prevention program to her school, but she felt so passionate about it and knew it would help change lives. It was amazing to see it come to fruition.

5 Ways My Mom is Ballsy

As you can see, my mom is ballsy … and it’s this ballsiness that has inspired and motivated me to be the best version of myself that I can be. Nothing is impossible. She’s shown me to be fearless. To conquer goals and dreams. And the best part, I have her at the end of the day to laugh with and love and be myself with, always.

I have her to thank for MY ballsiness. It’s something I help to pass onto my own daughter, too.

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5 Ways My Mom is Ballsy

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SHOWHIDE Comments (13)
  1. It is great to have such a roll model like your mother. She overcame the fears she had and is always reinventing herself, so amazing. I wish I could be the same for my kids as they grow to adults.

  2. I love this so much! Our moms are the single greatest role models for us growing up as girls. I try to be ballsy for my daughters every day.

  3. Our moms are our biggest role models, our greatest cheerleaders and biggest supporters. Your mom’s conquering her fear of flying is a big deal! I love her tenacity and her work ethic!

  4. Your mom sounds like an inspiring, ballsy woman indeed! I’m glad you and your daughter have her as a role model. Brookside chocolates are one of my favorites. I always buy a big bag when I shop at Costco.

  5. Yep, I’m ballsy, but my mom is not. She’s a little shy. Guess I got mine from my dad. But I do love Brookside Chocolates!!!

  6. Your mom sounds like an amazing woman! I definitely feel I am ballsy and hope my two daughters will be someday as well. You know what they say; strong women raise strong women.

  7. What an amazing sounding Mum you have! We definitely learn a lot from how our parents are and how they interact and deal with the situations throw at them when we are around as children.

  8. Your mom is amazing! She is definitely a go-getter! I tried to remember a ballsy thing I did in my life and I guess it was accepting a job overseas. The pay was good, the contract was only two years so I grabbed the opportunity. I found myself in a country where very few people speak good English, but guess what? I survived! I self-taught myself the language and within 3 months, I was able to hold simple conversations without the locals giving me the funny look on their faces.

  9. Your mom is such an inspiration and total class act. I just love how she is always cheering you on while also seeking her own dreams!

  10. This sounds a lot like my mom. There wasn’t anything that she couldn’t do or at least attempt to do.

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