Maternity Shorts for Summer

Where are my pregnant mamas out there? Are you ready for the summer months ahead? I know when I was pregnant with all of my kids, 4 of those pregnancies were during the summer. I needed to wear shorts. I needed to wear tees and tanks. I needed to make sure I was as comfortable as can be during the warm summer months. I’m all about sharing some of the best styles I can find out there. I want to share with you today 12 Stylish Maternity Shorts for Summer. I know that it’s hard to find these shorts that work well for pregnant bellies! I’m all about getting ready to showcase the best there is out there!

Maternity Shorts for Summer

Maternity Shorts for Summer12 Stylish Maternity Shorts for the Summer. I miss being pregnant. There, I said it. I loved showing off my growing belly and really enjoyed the maternity styles that were available to rock. I really saw an evolution in maternity wear from my first baby born in 2004, to my last baby born in 2013. Maternity wear got cuter, more stylish, more functional and more fabulous. I’m telling you – when I was pregnant with my 5th baby Victoria (my last) all I wanted to do was buy more and more maternity clothing. I just loved so many styles that I really wanted to have it all!

Maternity Shorts you need for the Summer

With summer rolling around, one of the toughest parts of pregnancy was keeping myself comfortable, cool and stylish all at the same time. The temps in the summer get HOT, so you definitely need shorts and tanks and tees and bathing suits. I was pregnant 3 times throughout the summer… and far along, too! My older sons were September babies and my youngest was a July baby – I felt the summer full speed ahead with a pregnant belly. Shorts were a maternity must have for me. I couldn’t see my feet, never mind try and put on pants! It just wasn’t going to happen.

Maternity Shorts for the Summer are a necessity. I was shopping with my girlfriend last weekend for some maternity wear and couldn’t get over the awesome styles that were available for the summer months ahead! I’m thrilled to share with you 12 Stylish Maternity Shorts for Summer you NEED this summer to keep yourself cool, comfy and chic!

Maternity Shorts for Summer

Old Navy’s Maternity Side-Panel Twill Shorts // GAP Maternity Inset Panel Denim Shorts with Distressed Detail // A Pea in the Pod Secret Fit Belly Lightly Lined Maternity Shorts

This is what I love about these 3 styles: 1) The poppy pink is so fun and sexy for the summer. You can dress this up and down for work or play 2) The white frayed jean shorts are just so stylish and classic for the summer. 3) The scalloped shorts are just a fashion dream! Super cute and fun!

Best Summer Fashions for moms

A Pea in the Pod Under Belly French Terry Skinny Leg Maternity Shorts // A Pea in the Pod Joe’s Secret Fit Belly Destructed Maternity Shorts // Destination Maternity Jessica Simpson Under Belly Decorative Trim Maternity Shorts

This is what I love about these 3 styles: 1) Stripes are stripes… always in and fabulous. 2) I’m obsessed with a pair of cut off jean shorts! Just adore these! 3) A fabulous draw string underbelly chambray short will serve you throughout the last trimester!

Best Summer Fashions for moms

LOFT Maternity Riveria Short // PinkBlush Light Blue Printed Tassel Tie Accent Maternity Shorts // PinkBlush Charcoal Grey Ruffle Trim Maternity Sleep Shorts

This is what I love about these 3 styles: 1) These are perfect work shorts. These you could and can style a bunch of different ways 2) Obsessed with the tassel! These are super chic and elegant 3) Talk about style and comfort merging together!

Best Summer Fashions for moms

Motherhood Maternity Side Panel Destructed Maternity Shortalls // Target Maternity Sport Shorts – C9 Champion // Target Maternity Inset Panel Midi Jean Shorts – Isabel Maternity by Ingrid & Isabel™ Black Wash

This is why I love these 3 styles: 1) Have some fun with some overalls! 2) Love a pair of comfy shorts for a fabulous summer 3) You can’t go wrong with these, they go with everything!

What did you think of the Shorts for the Summer? I love being able to share some of the best ones out there. I’m telling you right now, even though you feel empowered when you’re preggers you also feel big. I never felt over the top beautiful when I was pregnant. I didn’t fit in ANYTHING properly never mind shorts and tanks and tees and bathing suits. I wanted to make sure I showcased some shorts that really made me feel comfy and pretty and fashionable.

Make sure you share this with a pregnant friend! I’m all about making sure we’re all on the same page when it comes to feeling our best during pregnancy. I remember when I was pregnant I took any advice I could when it came to fashion advice.

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Maternity Shorts you need for the Summer

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  1. I love the A Pea in a Pod scalloped shorts and their denim shorts! They look really fashionable.

  2. These look extremely comfortable and with about have a belly this summer great info to have

Maternity Shorts for Summer was last modified: May 15th, 2019 by Audrey McClelland