World Port Seafood, you had me at HELLO! #WPSeafood

Disclosure: This is a sponsored partnership with World Port Seafood

World Port Seafood. I love you. We cook at home 5 nights a week when the kids are in full sports and activities mode. We’re all about making it easy, yet delicious! My husband is a BIG foodie, so he loves to play around with recipes and add new items staple dishes that we have at home. We have been creating some yummy meals this month with World Port Seafood. I’m telling you, they are my husband’s new fave brand because you can get so many different options delivered right to your door!! Look at our delivery from a few weeks ago!!

Believe me, there’s nothing like dining in AND being able to create incredible meals.

Check out these delish meals we made last week with World Port Seafood’s Marinated Salmon (*already marinated for you – see photo!) with their roasted root vegetables. OMG. Insane! My husband was craving shrimp, so we added the Wild Argentinian Red shrimp on top of our staple Tuesday night pasta dish! Talk about PER-FECTION!!

World Port Seafood has made it SUPER, DUPER easy for us to enjoy seafood delivery right to our door!! It just doesn’t get any easier! But the price! The price is the best!!

Use my link below to come check out the amazing seafood offered!!

You can’t beat the deal they have going on right now!!! Order an unbelievable package of premium seafood for just $49.99 – including FREE shipping AND you will receive a $15 Reward Card to use on your next World Port Seafood order.



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  1. Thank you so much for the heads up on this! I LOVE seafood, but I don’t buy a lot of it because it’s so hard to get it really fresh. I have to give World Port a try.

  2. Wow! What an amazing deal! Plus, anything I can have delivered is a huge help. I’m checking out their website and this deal now, we LOVE seafood and I love the ease of having high-quality food dropped off at my doorstep!

  3. I love certain kinds of seafood … shrimp, crab, certain fish. My husband is a big salmon fan. This sounds like a great way to get quality seafood at affordable prices. I’ll check it out.

  4. We absolutely love seafood and our family and if there is a way to get and very fresh I’m excited. I definitely need to look into this. These are some amazing deals.

  5. OK now this looks delicious seafood I have to admit to being a sucker for anything of the sort and this sounds like such a fantastic deal.

  6. I love shrimp so much! My family doesn’t, tho, so it’s so inconvenient for me to make it for myself when I’m cooking something else for them. My friend would start drooling over than salmon too!

  7. Oh wow now this food delivery looks right up our alley. Seriously, my husband is a seafood lover. I could wow him with a dish like this and take all the credit lol

  8. This sounds absolutely amazing! We love having fresh and delicious seafood and sometimes it can be so hard to find it!

  9. This looks like such a great way to get a healthy dinner on the table quickly! We love to eat seafood so this will be perfect for us!

  10. We love seafood at home and it would be nice to have some delivered right at your door. It’s convenient and you get to enjoy different dishes every night! Love it!

  11. How great that these packs come already marinated and ready to cook. That saves SO much time and encourages everyone to eat a healthy meal too. The food looks delicious.

  12. I’m not a seafood fan myself, but this sounds like a great deal. I love that it’s food delivery too. That is always an awesome option.

  13. A seafood dish is always on our weekly menu. That’s how much we love seafood. I am going to look into this. Such a great deal!

World Port Seafood, you had me at HELLO! #WPSeafood was last modified: April 14th, 2018 by admin