VLOG: Weekend Family Trip to Boston [Never a DULL Moment]

Weekend Family Trip to Boston. This weekend was all about family.

If there’s one thing about being a sports family that I love it’s that the events and meet-ups bring you to lots of different places. And guess what? You need to go together! I love that about swim meets. It’s not just being at the swim meet, it’s the experience that goes along with the swim meet. It’s the road trip to the meet. It’s the staying in the hotel together. It’s the breakfast and lunch and dinner without the constant disruptions at home together. It’s everything that I love… being together.

Without Fortnite.
Without texting and phone calls and video games.
Without anything that comes up as a family distraction nowadays!

Just us! As always, I grabbed a video of us this weekend! Swim meet wise it was all about William and Alex this weekend! They were swimming their last meet of the short course season at MIT in Boston. William swam Saturday and Alex swam Sunday. It’s always wonderful watching my guys compete because they love swimming and they love the friends they’ve made! Nothing warms my heart more than seeing them smile on deck with their buddies!

But… a weekend in Boston with our family was where it was at for us!!! Such a FUN TIME!!! Weekend Family Trip to Boston:

ENJOY!!! And love for you to subscribe to our channel!!!!!

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