Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt (that the boys didn’t want to do!)

Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt. The Easter festivities have begun! This past weekend our town hosted a GIGANTIC Easter Egg Hunt for kids that were between the ages of 3-12 years old. Since we just moved here, I thought it would be a blast to go and really enjoy activities that our new town offers. I grew up here and I always loved when my parents attended local events and happenings with us.

Here’s the “big” difference… my sons weren’t too excited to attend, whereas Victoria was out of her skin excited!


Now I knew I had 2 options for the Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt:

1) Just let the boys stay at home and miss the Easter Egg Hunt


2) Make them go and watch their little sister have the time of her life

I opted for choice #2.

The best part? They all had a GREAT time, which I *thought* would happen, but you know kids… they don’t want to hear the mom powers at work!

It was so much fun being together and really getting excited about the kick off to the Easter holiday. I love Easter, so it was exciting for me to start the festivities off like this here in our new town!

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