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SPLITTING UP TOGETHER Must Watch for Married Couples! I’ve been a huge Oliver Hudson fan for years! The second I heard he was starring in a new show – Splitting Up Together – on ABC, I was thrilled! The second I saw the trailer, I knew I was going to love it!


What I love is that Splitting Up Together is the story of a couple whose marriage is reignited by their divorce.

ABC’s “Splitting Up Together” stars Oliver Hudson as Martin, Van Crosby as Mason, Olivia Keville as Mae, Sander Thomas as Milo, and Jenna Fischer as Lena. (ABC/Bob D’Amico)


As a 40 year old woman who is seeing some of my married friends struggle with divorce, it was refreshing to watch a sitcom that dealt with it in a matter of fact, out of the box and relatable way. I think that this show in particular is going to help couples see that they’re not alone in going through tough times, but that you can – indeed – get through it in a way that works best for you and your family. I’m just obsessed with romantic comedies, and was thrilled that I got to screen 3 episodes! This show really spoke to me because you have many different pieces – you have the comedy, you have the romance, you have the struggle, you fall in love with the characters and you start seeing yourself rooting for them to make it work.

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After screening the episodes, we got to have a Q&A with OLIVER HUDSON (“Martin”), LINDSAY PRICE (“Camille”), EMILY KAPNEK (“Splitting Up Together” Creator and Executive Producer) and DEAN HOLLAND (“Splitting Up Together” Executive Producer; he also directed the pilot). They were ALL FABULOUS and just so open and honest and giving with their time and attention.

We were all anxious to ask Emily how she felt this show would portray divorce in real life since it’s something that happens to so many couples. Emily was so honest with her answer and I loved what she shared, “How do we think it will portray it in real life? I mean I think we felt like a lot of people seem to identify with the world and the characters whether they were going through a divorce or not. We just kind of drew from all of our own real-life experiences. We’re all kind of married with kids. Everyone here is, so we’ve had lots of stories to share. And I think the main goal is just to tell a story about divorce that isn’t, you know, toxic and negative that has a little bit of hope and a little bit of optimism. And there’s that wish for me personally, you know, having grown up with parents who are divorced, I think everyone always hopes, ‘oh, my gosh is there any chance in the world that they can get it back on track.’ And I think a lot of kids feel that way. And to tell a show where there is that sort of glimmer that’s being dangled and a lot of love between the main characters was just sort of a new way of telling a divorce story.

And it was wonderful having Dean chime in with, “Historically it’s always been kinda negative that divorce is such a bad thing. And while we were shooting it, numerous people came up to us and told us we’re doing this. My friends are doing this. So many people were kind of — it’s like — let’s kind of both still raise our kids and somehow manage to make it work.

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What I loved about this was that it really is a positive outlook on a happy divorce. Marriages don’t always work out, but the #1 priority is the kids. It was really great seeing the show spotlight this and show how it IS possible to make something work for everyone.

I have to say, Oliver Hudson is just genius in Splitting Up Together. He’s perfect. And it was cool seeing that Emily knew right away that he would be the perfect “Martin!”

I think one of the things that is so great about Oliver in the show is that Oliver has three kids in his real life. And watching him deal with these kids, it’s so authentic. Do you know how I kept saying over and over again, it’s like you can tell he’s dad.”

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What was really cool was hearing Oliver share with us how BADLY he wanted this role!! I didn’t expect him to be so honest and so open with us about it. It was really endearing to see that he really connected immediately with this role and this show.

For me this is the most connected that I’ve been to a project just because I live this life. And when I red for Emily, she was sitting way back, like way up there, and I was like, ‘Okay, I want this job so bad’ … but I need to have this job, because I live this. This is my life. I know how to do this. You know what I mean?

And yes, we could tell what he meant. You could tell he REALLY want this role because it was him and it was something he could do without hesitation or doubt.

It was also wonderful hearing from Lindsay as to why this role spoke to her, too. I’ve been a Lindsay fan since he days on 90210!

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I mean this script in and of itself captivated me, and I loved the characters ’cause they’re real. They’re real people. I do think it’s interesting she [Camille] probably immediately seemed selfish that she doesn’t want them to get divorced. But I think what ends up happening is when people close to you go through it, you start checking your own life and, you know, looking under the bed and seeing what’s under there. And I think it’s challenging, you know. But typically I think she knows that they love each other and that they should be together. Sometimes people can see it better than you can.

We kept trying to get more and more information out of Emily and Dean as to what will happen with these characters, but they wouldn’t budge! I’m telling you, it’s the kind of show that just really pulls you in and you’re captivated but it! We just wanted to know more of what we could expect in the future, but Emily and Dean weren’t sharing too much! 🙂

As Emily shared, “I think that for a show like this to work, I feel like they have to — it’s sort of like one step forward, two steps back. There is the intrigue of it, and there is — I think there will be times, you know, if we get to tell those stories in future seasons where it becomes — and you’ll actually see really with the finale of the first season that it’s satisfying. It’s very satisfying.

And Dean continued, “And I think that’s how a show works, right. You kinda wanna feed people what they want and then take it away. Right? Just adds longevity. That’s for Moonlighting, Ross and Rachel, all those things. The reason they stay so fresh is because they’re never quite there.

I think they could tell loud and clear that we WANT them back together in this show! LOL!

I’m telling you, this is going to be your new favorite show! You’re going to love these characters and laugh and grow with them. For me personally it was awesome hearing how much Oliver and Lindsay love being part of this show. That goes a long way in my book, you could tell they really love who they play and have connected with their roles to a T.

(ABC/Ron Tom)

As Oliver said, “This is exactly authentic to who I am, what I believe. You’re seeing more of myself entirely in this guy than anything that I’ve ever done. I’m very, very comfortable. I love that.”

And you’re going to love it, too!

Make sure you tune in TONIGHT!

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Disclosure: This was a press trip with Disney/ABC. All travel was covered.

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