Public Speaking Tips for Anyone at Any Age

Public Speaking Tips for Anyone at Any Age. Public Speaking is a life skill I personally think everyone should have. I actually feel it should be a course taught in high school that is a requirement for graduation. That’s how passionate I feel about public speaking. Public speaking isn’t about speaking in front of thousands of people, it’s about speaking in public to anyone at anytime. Maybe it’s talking in front of the class. Maybe it’s a college interview. Maybe it’s a job interview. Maybe it’s a networking event. Maybe it’s a small group of people at your place of employment. Maybe it’s a class you’re instructing. Maybe it’s a sales pitch you have to give. Whatever it is, having the skills of a public speaker can be very beneficial.

I’m also not thinking that everyone should be Tony Robbins! Not everyone wants to be a public speaker, but think of it as a life skill that you will need to use at some point. Think of it as an asset to have in your bag of tricks. It can’t hurt to be better at it.

Believe me, I lived my entire youth life terrified of public speaking. I was that little girl in school who was scared to even raise her hand in class. I was that little girl who hated being called on. This stayed with me throughout high school and even my 1st 2 years in college. Everything changed for me when I took a public speaking course in college my junior year. My life opened up and everything changed dramatically for me. I was more confident. I was more of a go-getter. And crazy enough – I WANTED to start speaking publicly.

You can be the same way, too! Last night I was helping my 10 year old prep for a class project where he needs to do a class presentation. We worked on some easy strategies to help him out. In just 30 minutes of practicing he was doing great! I wanted to share 7 easy tips to get you going!

Regardless of your age, go for it! Public Speaking Tips for Anyone at Any Age – please watch and share away! I firmly believe these skills are super important.

What tips do you have? Share with me and remember the importance of Public Speaking Tips for Anyone at Any Age!

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