How to Prevent the Stomach Flu with Grape Juice [It’s POSSIBLE!]

How to Prevent the Stomach Flu with Grape Juice. It’s possible. I never believed it before, but I do!!

How can you prevent the stomach flu?

We all know the obvious reasons:

  1. Keep your distance.
  2. Avoid close contact with anyone who is sick.
  3. Disinfect anything and everything.

But have you heard about the Grape Juice prevention method yet?

I’ve tried to a few times and it works!

Let me rewind back a week. Last Sunday afternoon my son Alex got hit fast and furiously with the stomach flu. He was playing Fortnite (help me) and then came downstairs and said, “I think I’m going to puke.”

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Within 30 seconds he was down for the count. He was sick for a full 24 hours and then miraculously bounced back. He bounced back so quick that 2 nights later he was able to do basketball practice and track practice.

I *thought* we were in the clear, but I was wrong and my mom intuition was off.

On Tuesday morning Victoria, Ben, William and Henry ALL got sick with the stomach flu! All. Of. Them. I was like a nurse running from each kid helping them out, it was CRAZY! I wouldn’t let anyone in our house for fear they would get it, too.

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My mom felt horrible and kept asking me what she could do, so I finally asked her to head to CVS and grab me Disinfectant Wipes, Latex Gloves, Bleach and Grape Juice. Yes, Grape Juice!

I started drinking grape juice on Tuesday afternoon and still haven’t stopped (and it’s Friday!).

Why Grape Juice?

According to Today’s Parent, “The science behind the idea, we found, is that the grape juice works by changing the pH in your intestinal tract to inhibit the virus. On top of that, the juice apparently also contains anti-viral chemicals.

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I’ve first heard of this Old Wives’ Tale years ago, before we even had Victoria. We were once hit really bad with the stomach flu – all 6 of us at the exact same time. Afterwards a friends told me to stock up on Grape Juice immediately. Always just keep it in your pantry. 

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Here’s the ONE trick, you need to start drinking the grape juice before you’re exposed to the stomach flu. If you miss that tiny window, it doesn’t work. Since I wasn’t sure if I was exposed or not on Tuesday, I thought I’d just try to drink it until I got “hit!”

Wednesday. I was good.

Thursday. My husband got hit, but I was still good.

Friday (today). Fingers crossed, I’m still good.

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I’m telling you, Grape Juice has worked miracles in the past for us, so I’m hoping and praying it still does right now. I could definitely still get it, but by now… I feel like I should’ve gotten it. I mean, my kids got it quickly after Alex.

So to all my friends out there who will battle the stomach flu at some point, try the Grape Juice method. Let’s put it this way, it can’t hurt to try it and it’s worked for us in the past and it’s (knock on wood) working for me now in this house of germs!

Also – I recommend Welch’s 100% Grape Juice. It’s the ONLY brand I drink and the ONLY juice that has worked!

*I will update if I get it, but let hope I don’t!

How to Prevent the Stomach Flu with Grape Juice [It’s POSSIBLE!] was last modified: November 25th, 2020 by admin
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How to Prevent the Stomach Flu with Grape Juice [It’s POSSIBLE!] was last modified: November 25th, 2020 by admin