Finding the Perfect Swimsuit at Lands’ End and BIG SWEEPS GOING ON! #MyLandsEnd #OMagonHAL

Finding the Perfect Swimsuit at Lands’ End

I turn 40 years old on May 23rd.
I decided to embrace this year with my arms wide open!

This 40 year old body doesn’t pose often online in a swimsuit, but this year is all about adventure and living life to its fullest!

See this woman in this bathing suit?

This (almost) 40 year old body has had 5 kids.
This (almost) 40 year old body has lifted and held her 5 kids thousands and thousands of times throughout her mom life.
This (almost) 40 year old body still works out, as tough as it is some days to get out there! And even on the days she doesn’t want to!
This (almost) 40 year old body wants to be ready for the summer, so it can be enjoyed every single day with 6 people who make the world go round!

Summer is a happy time. It’s time for family. It’s time for play. It’s time for adventure and vacation.

Thanks to Lands’ End I’ve found the perfect one-piece swimsuit to get me off my beach chair this summer and enjoy some swimsuit wearing adventures!

Finding the Perfect Swimsuit at Lands’ End easy! I want to jump the waves at the beach with my kids. I want to dive off the diving board. I want to race them in the pool. I want to teach Victoria how to swim. I want to boogie board with my sons. I want to travel this summer and explore new beaches we’ve never been visited before. I want to enjoy every single moment this summer, all while feeling comfortable and confident in my swimsuit.

I’m all about a one-piece because I’m still chasing Victoria around AND I need to *try* and keep up with my sons! Not to mention, I love that Lands’ End provides one-pieces that give you that stylish and sexy feel, too. I love the colors and mixing of prints on this swimsuit because it’s so much fun! Head over to Lands’ End to find your perfect swimsuit for the summer! They have an incredible swimsuit finder that helps you narrow down your search, it’s awesome. Not to mention – they have a swimsuit for every shape and every body type.

How did I go about Finding the Perfect Swimsuit at Lands’ End

I chose Lands’ End Women’s Lace-up One Piece Swimsuit. It’s flirty and flattering… the beautiful all-over print will catch their eye while the lace-up back will make them take a second look.

Check out this back, so cool – right??

Go on and be daring, post a photo on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram from now through March 14th, 2018 wearing your swimsuit and share what kinds of adventures you’ll be having in it! You have a chance to win a $1,000 Lands’ End gift card! Make sure you use the hashtags: #MyLandsEnd #OMagonHAL !! 3 participants will be selected at random to each win a $1,000 Lands’ End Gift Card to outfit their adventure this summer!!

Disclosure: Sponsored Partnership with Lands’ End.

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