“A Wrinkle in Time” Movie Review for Parents #WrinkleinTimeEvent

“A Wrinkle in Time” Movie Review for Parents

I’ll never forget reading A Wrinkle in Time when I was in 6th grade. The book just spoke to me and it quickly became a favorite of mine to read. Throughout my life I’ve probably read A Wrinkle in Time about 6 times. I loved Meg Murry to the core because I understood her at that time in my life. I feel like I should be thanking my teachers from middle school for recommending the book to read and then my mother for inspiring me to pick it up again and again throughout my youth.

It’s the kind of book you just don’t forget.

Fast forward to present day.

When I first heard that A Wrinkle in Time was being made, I was thrilled! When I heard who would be in the cast, I was doubly thrilled. And then I heard who was directing it, I was triply thrilled. A Wrinkle in Time was truly being brought to the masses by a powerful force of women and this really touched my heart.

And then I saw the trailer and it (literally) gave me goosebumps the first time I viewed it…

I had the opportunity to screen A Wrinkle in Time two times while on the west coast last week. The first time, Ava DuVernay herself came out to introduce the film to the audience. She said something very powerful while introducing her film, she encouraged the audience to view it through the eyes of their inner child. It was touching to hear her say that because it’s not something that you often hear. As she told all the adults in the room to do that, she asked the kids in the audience to stand. She looked around the room and explained to them that she made this movie for them and to embrace and live in the magic of A Wrinkle in Time.

Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time is a movie that your kids will find is filled with magic.

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It’s set in modern time, so kids will definitely understand and identify.
It stars Storm Reid as Meg Murry who is EXCEPTIONAL! She is someone that you will want your daughter(s) to look up to and follow.
It also stars Levi Miller, Deric McCabe, Rowan Blanchard who are equally exceptional in their roles throughout A Wrinkle in Time, too.
The set design and the costumes are out of this world amazing! I sat mesmerized by the colors and the patterns and just tried to take in the wild and gorgeous settings that were created to bring this movie to life.

But what about the movie? Is it a movie that kids should see?

Yes. Kids are going to love this movie and hopefully take away some deep messages from this movie.

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Your kids are going to “know” Meg Murry either because they are her or they feel like her or they know someone like her.

You as the parent will feel the same way. Either you were Meg Murry, have a Meg Murry or know someone like Meg Murry.

The beauty of this movie lies truly within what the movie stands for and that’s embracing who you are and deeply loving the unique person that you are here in this universe.

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You watch Meg Murry discover the power within herself with the help of the Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Which and Mrs. Who. You watch Meg embrace her faults and see that these faults are her greatest blessings. You watch a daughter reunite with her father and not stop until she finds him. You see a young girl realize that she’s worthy of love and that she doesn’t have to conform or be anyone else in this world than herself. You watch her overcome her lack of self-confidence and turn into someone she always was meant to be.

It’s a story of love and hope and discovery. It’s a story of adventure. It’s a story of mystery. It’s a story about family.

I know my 4 sons who are ages 13, 12, 10 and 9 will love this movie. This movie will keep them on the edge of their seats. They are the PERFECT age for this movie. I feel that in this day and age, this movie should be viewed by tweens and teens everywhere. It has such important messages embedded in a fun and wild movie.

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As parents – you will enjoy watching Oprah, Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling play the 3 Mrs.’ because they own these roles and really sink into them. Watching Oprah on screen was a treat because I’m such a BIG fan of her work and all that she has given and brought to this world. Reese and Mindy are 2 actresses I love watching on screen, so it was really fun watching them play these different roles. It really shows the breadth as to which they can play and really transform into.

When it comes to bringing my 4 year old daughter, I feel like she will be scared of a part at the end of the movie. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but there is a part at the end that revolves around the dark force and I know Victoria would have her head down gripping my arm. It’s about maybe a 5 minute part of the movie, maybe less… but it would be a little scary for younger kids.

I will say – the 2 actors that play Charles Wallace and Calvin are incredible to watch, too! Your kids will really gravitate towards these 2 on screen. As a mom of 4 sons, I loved seeing Calvin (played by Levi Miller) portrayed in such a wonderful way. He was kind and sweet and sensitive and I loved that because it’s important for boys to see that it’s perfectly fine to be that way. And Charles Wallace (played by Deric McCabe) – this little guy is going to be HUGE! He is phenomenal and equally as phenomenal in person, too!

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As you can tell, my take on A Wrinkle in Time is that it’s a great family movie to watch together. I love the messages that can be learned and used as conversation starters. When I got home I told my kids about the film and encouraged my older sons to read the book. As I told my husband, with social media being such a force for young kids nowadays and many kids feeling that they need to pretend to be something their not… simply for social… this movie is a great way for them to discover that it doesn’t matter. Be you. Be who you are. Love yourself. Love your family. Know who your true friends are. Reach out to people when you need a helping hand.

Thank you Ava for bringing the magic of A Wrinkle in Time to a new generation. May they embrace and feel the magic you set out to create for them!

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  1. I can’t wait to take my kids to see this. I loved the book when I was a kid, and my kids love it, too. I know we’re going to have so much fun!

  2. This movie seems like it is a great vehicle for Storm Reid and the Mrs. women. I love the cast and although I never read this book growing up I am so interested in seeing this movie and how the women are portrayed.

  3. This movie seems like it is a great vehicle for Storm Reid and the Mrs. women. I love the cast and although I never read this book growing up I am so interested in seeing this movie and how the women are portrayed.

  4. I watched the trailer just a few days ago on the television! It looks so magical. I love your review and am so looking forward to it hitting the theaters!

  5. We cannot wait to see this movie. I want to try and read the book first before we see it!

  6. I am so happy we got a chance to do a press event together! I really enjoyed this whole #WrinkleInTimeEvent experience and I know this will be an awesome movie for children.

  7. I was lucky to get a screening at the El Capitan with my girls and this was an awesome movie. My 8 year old loved it and has been working hard to make the best and help more.

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