10 Things to Laugh About with Your Kids

10 Things to Laugh About with Your Kids.


It’s the best medicine for just about anything and everything.

I always love to find a reason to laugh! It just makes life so much happier and fulfilling! And you know what’s even sweeter for me? Laughing with my kids! All of my kids have amazing sense of humors, so it’s just a riot hearing them laugh and making them laugh! I can honestly say that they make me laugh every single day! Sometimes it’s even just a funny look that they give me!

Take the time to just laugh with your kids! Take the time to get to know their sense of humors and embrace them to the core! And let them know how funny you are, too!

What can you laugh about with your kids?

I’m excited to share with you 10 Things To Laugh About with your Kids:

1) Knock Knock jokes are always a big hit!! I’ll never forget seeing the boys belly laugh when they were little! They loved every knock knock joke I could get my hands on!

If you need some Knock Knock Joke Inspiration… here are some adorable ones from Kids Play and Crate!

Cute and Funny Knock, Knock Jokes for Kids by kidsplayandcreate

2) Funny Voices!

My daughter loves it when I make funny voices for her! She will laugh like crazy when I try and imitate a dog or a cat! I’ll actually try and talk in ruffs! LOL! It’s silly, but she loves it!

3) DANCE PARTY TIME! This always brings on the laughter in our house! Dance and let loose!!

4) Relay Racing in the backyard!!

This always brings on a ton of laughter!! The kids love to do races and I always make them fun!! You don’t just run back and forth… I make them run with spoons with an egg on them or backwards or crawling like bears!! I make it completely FUN!!

5) Funny Old MOVIES!!!

There’s nothing like looking back at old movies and photos of the kids!!

It always brings on the laughter!!

(Watch my son BEN!)

6) GAME TIME!!!!

Whenever we play games, it always make the kids laugh! Especially ones like Jenga and Twister that really bring on the fun and competitiveness!


It’s hilarious!!! Ask them about things in their life!!

8) Make Funny Noises!!

In our house, you can imagine the biggest funny noise in our house… FARTS!!!!

LOL, it’s always a big hit!!!

9) Play the “You Can’t Make Me Laugh Game”

Always a good time.

10) Pretend to fall asleep! This is a big hit with the little ones! My teens don’t find it as fun anymore! LOL!
Start talking and then pretend to fall asleep. Make loud snoring noises. Wake up – begin talking again – and fall back asleep.

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  1. I know for a fact that when we have kids – my husband and I that is – we are NEVER GOING TO STOP LAUGHING! We already laugh a ton and I know our kids will be the happiest little people on the face of the planet!

  2. This was such a great post! I think society in general puts this immense pressure on us as mothers to ALWAYS be serious. All. The. Time. We get so caught up in trying to be so perfect, that we forget to have fun and be silly every once and a while. Those are the moments our kids will remember the most! Wonderful post!

10 Things to Laugh About with Your Kids was last modified: April 14th, 2018 by admin