Why Old Friends Are The Best Friends

Why Old Friends Are The Best Friends

Last night I did something that I love to do… I met up with my oldest friends for dinner! And when I say oldest friends – I mean girls that I went to Kindergarten with way back in the day! I love these girls, they are my anchors!

Old friends are the best friends for many reasons, first and foremost – they are the ones who know you the best and love you anyway! LOL! They are the ones who have your back and there’s a loyalty piece tied to your friendship. As I was driving to dinner last night, it dawned on me that these girls I met when I was Victoria’s age. We played together at recess. We traded erasers on the playground. We ate lunch together in the cafeteria. We shared our first crushes and loves to each other. We went to dances together. We went off to high school together and college. We went to prom together. We got licenses together. We were there for first jobs and promotions. We were with each other through marriages and divorces and break-ups. We were there for each other through pregnancies. We’ve just always been there for each other.

Seeing them last night really opened my eyes as to the importance and beauty and longevity of our friendship. We all love each other. Truly. There’s no jealousy. There’s no prettiness. There’s just love and support.

Old friends remember when you feel and scraped your knee. They remember the fights you had with your parents. They remember you studying for tests and worried about getting into college. They remember your first heartbreaks. Old friends remember everything about you and know the complexities about your personality. Old friends joke with you about things that others can’t. Old friends understand why certain things are tough for you to do on your own. Old friends are there with a laugh or a story. Old friends can be the ones with the eye-opening aha moments. Old friends are the best friends because they are just always there. They don’t leave. They don’t fly away. They stay and they bring you in, always.

I hope my daughter and sons have these types of friends in their lives. Friends who cheer for them. Friends who help them. Friends who embrace them for all that they are and all that they aren’t. Friends who would be there for them in a split second. As I sat there last night – I really saw just how special this particular friendship is between us. It’s stood the test of time. We sat there laughing and sharing and joking with each other all night. We laughed about ex-boyfriends and things that we did together as teenagers and talked about girls who were mean to us “back then.” It was fun to be there together… all of us now moms with lots of responsibilities – but who can still get together and act like school-girls when we need and want to!

Connect with your oldest friends today! Time will stand still, I promise.

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