Interview with the Incredible American Bobsledder – Elana Meyers Taylor

American Bobsledder – Elana Meyers Taylor.

I hope you’ve been tuning into the Games every single night! What AMAZING TV!! Every night brings a new event and we all sit there watching!! The best part is waking up in the morning to see the athletes interviewed, too! That’s so exciting for me to watch!! As you know, we’re just such a big sports family, so seeing these athletes compete on the world stage is just terrific!

I have the incredible opportunity throughout the next week- thanks to the P&G Thank you, Mom campaign – to interview some of my favorite Olympians during the Games!! I love the dedication and devotion and determination that these athletes exemplify, so it’s just outstanding to have the opportunity to chat with them!!

Today on the blog?

It’s all about American Bobsledder Elana Meyers Taylor!!

She is absolutely inspirational… I love getting the chance to meet-up with STRONG WOMEN!! Love it!!!

Congratulations on being back at the Olympics! What does it feel to be able to keep on the world’s largest stage?
Amazing! I love competing for my country- it’s the greatest honor anyone could have and to do it for a 3rd time- there are no words. I never knew my life would be like this- I dreamed it would- but now I’m actually living my dreams.

How does it impact you to know that you’re a hero and that kids look up to you as someone that they would like to be like someday?
It’s an honor to be considered a hero and I want to be an athlete that kids can look at and say she competed with integrity and someone their parents would be proud to hang posters of on walls. I try to be the best person I can first, and the best athlete second and hope it shows on the ice.

What did you think of the Thank You, Mom “Love Over Bias” video? How did it make you feel?
The video was extremely moving and touching. It showcased how a mother’s love overcomes the hatred in the world and how the world would look if we could all love like a mom. It made me feel proud to be a part of the campaign and honored that my mom could be recognized for the love she’s shown me even through the biases of the world.

What are you most looking forward to this year while competing at the Games?
The actual competition! There is nothing like standing on a starting line about to hurl yourself down a mountain in a sled with all the world watching. It’s the most incredible feeling in the world and the thing I wait 4 years to have. It’s magical.

How does it feel to be in partnership with Pantene? What was it like to find out you would be partnering with such an iconic brand?
It’s an amazing feeling and an amazing brand- and a brand that has given me strong, healthy hair. I’m proud to be a part of the P&G family- that represents excellence and quality- the same things we try to represent as Olympians. Besides- how could you not love representing a brand with gold series in the name??? It’s like the Pantene Gold Series was made for me! 😉

What goes into your beauty regimen while you’re traveling and competing?
I wake up the morning of the race and flat iron my hair with a little bit of curl at the end. The products I use are the Pantene gold series hydrating butter creme and the Pantene Gold series Intense Hydrating Oil (I believe this is the best product on the planet as it makes my hair super soft!). It also makes my hair strong which is so important because every time I take my helmet off my head, my hair gets damaged and caught in it. They’re also perfect for a quick and easy style for any hair type!

The reason I get up and do my hair is two fold- first I believe if you look good, you’ll feel good, and perform well. Doing my hair helps me feel like I look good. Second, doing my hair makes sure my helmet fits correctly- when I wear my hair natural, my bobsled helmet fits differently than when I wear it flat ironed. I flat iron it to get a consistent fit.

Such a great interview with American Bobsledder – Elana Meyers Taylor!

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Interview with the Incredible American Bobsledder – Elana Meyers Taylor was last modified: April 22nd, 2018 by admin