What’s Your 2018 WORD?

What’s your 2018 WORD?

Really stop and think for a second.

What do you want this year to embody for you?

Every year I come up with a WORD that will signify my attitude for the next 365 days. It’s a WORD I usually think long and hard on. A word that – every time I look at it – will center me back to the importance and focus of the year for me. Last year my word was HUSTLE. Fitting, right? Permission to Hustle was created last year and we literally had a full year of HUSTLE. So HUSTLE just seemed appropriate for me and all that I wanted to do in 2017.

This year is a little different for me. I couldn’t come up with just one word. I thought long and hard and really wanted to find just one, but I couldn’t narrow it down. So instead of trying to pick one, I said… “Forget it – I’m picking you all!”

So what are my WORDS for 2018?


LOVE. One thing I’ve realized is that the most important thing is LOVE. Put LOVE into everything that you do! Love yourself. Love your family. Love your friends. Love you true true friends. Love every single second that you’ve been alive! Love what the future holds. Love the lessons you learn. Love that the universe has a plan for you. Love where you are right now. Love the changes that you want to bring into your life. Love the big moments. Love the small moments. Love the extraordinary days. Love the ordinary days.

MOMENTUM. In order for you to succeed in life you need to keep moving forward. You need to keep moving yourself. You need to keep pushing yourself forward. It’s all about forward moving motion, to continue the momentum. Whatever it is that you do, make sure that you are constantly moving yourself forward. Keep that ball rolling. Do one thing every single day that will get you to your goal.

ABUNDANCE. The definition of abundance is “a very large quantity of something.” I want to be abundant this year in health, happiness, love, friendships, family, work, success and financial success. I will work very hard to accomplish these goals, but it’s something that’s very important to me… to be abundant and invite it in!

FEARLESS. Yes, fearless. I feel like I’m pretty fearless as it is, but I want to walk into any and every situation with my arms wide open and ready to tackle it head on! To be fearless is to be bold and ready for anything! That’s my mantra in 2018! I’m ready for it!

Think about your WORD. Is it something you’re ready to share? Is it something you don’t know quite yet? Find a word or words that really embody where you want 2018 to go for you and what you want to accomplish from it!

So go on – tell me What’s Your 2018 WORD?

Go get this year with arms wide open!


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  1. That was a really good decision to not stick to only one word. It sure is difficult to think of only one! I haven’t gotten to choosing my word for the year. I might just follow your lead and choose more than one.

  2. I love the idea of coming up with a word. I am uncertain what I will choose but I am going to think hard about it so that when that word comes to me, it will have true meaning and serve its purpose this year! I love all of the words you shared, those will certainly be some great words for the New Year!

  3. Those are all lovely words for the year. I really like that you mentioned love because we could all use a little more of that in the world. I hope you have a lovely year ahead!

  4. I haven’t picked a word, or words, for this year yet. I really like momentum, that was a great choice.

  5. I like your choice of words. I need to decide what I wan to pick. I know love and patience will be in there.

  6. These are great choices! I haven’t decided yet but I’m thinking of the words “change”, “positivity”, and “hope”. I want to be more open to changes this year, always be positive and never let go of hope.