Time’s Up – Why It’s Important to Teach our Daughters AND Sons

Why It’s Important to Teach our Daughters AND Sons about why Time’s Up is crucial to share and leanr from. Sunday night I sat with my 5 kids watching the red carpet at the Golden Globes. As someone who has always loved film and television, fashion and style and (I’ll admit it) red carpets, I wanted to make sure I tuned into this one. I knew that this year’s Golden Globes was going to be different from the ones of the past. And if you watched it, you could see that it obviously was different… different in a good way, a change had brewed.

Time’s Up

Usually the red carpet is all about the fashion with, “Who are you wearing?” the question of choice. This year the red carpet was filled with black dresses and as celebrities stopped at the designated press “pits,” they were asked, “Why are you wearing black tonight?”

The conversation had shifted for a good reason. The conversation shifted to TIME’S UP.

The mission of TIME’S UP?

TIME’S UP is a unified call for change from women in entertainment for women everywhere. From movie sets to farm fields to boardrooms alike, we envision nationwide leadership that reflects the world in which we live. Powered by women, TIME’S UP addresses the systemic inequality and injustice in the workplace that have kept underrepresented groups from reaching their full potential. We partner with leading advocates for equality and safety to improve laws, employment agreements, and corporate policies; help change the face of corporate boardrooms and the C-suite; and enable more women and men to access our legal system to hold wrongdoers accountable. No more silence. No more waiting. No more tolerance for discrimination, harassment or abuse. TIME’S UP.

As many of you have, I’ve watched women come forward throughout the last few months with horrific, sad and brutal stories about abuse, harassment, injustice and inequality that has happened to them.  The stories are haunting and troubling and incredibly sad. I commend every single woman who has ever come forward. My heart is with you all.

Time's Up Movement

Watching this moment in time during the Golden Globes with my children really further hit the message home for their future. As the mom to a daughter, I want change for her. I need change for her in this world. And as the mom of 4 sons, I want them to know the importance and power in standing in solidarity and joining in this TIME’S UP movement. I want them to stand up in solidarity always.

The conversation had been opened up in our home months ago with the headline news and all that has happened. I’ve always believed in being truthful with my kids, especially when they ask the hard questions. It was an empowering moment to watch women band together on Sunday night. Women who are in the public eye and can (hopefully) help start the chain of change. Thank you to TIME’S UP for creating this movement.

Because truly, time IS up.

Have you heard of the WHO CODE?

Time’s Up – Why It’s Important to Teach our Daughters AND Sons was last modified: March 27th, 2019 by Audrey McClelland
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Time’s Up – Why It’s Important to Teach our Daughters AND Sons was last modified: March 27th, 2019 by Audrey McClelland