FREE Preview Week of Disney Family Movies PLUS $100 GIVEAWAY!!!!!! #DisneyFamilyMovies

FREE Preview Week of Disney Family Movies

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Disney. All opinions are 100% my own.

Are you ready for a MAGICAL week?

I know we are over here!

From January 9 – 15, you can enjoy a FREE preview of Disney Family Movies – the ultimate family viewing experience, featuring the Disney Family Movies premieres of Pinocchio, Ratatouille, Cars, and Underdog along with other Disney classics like The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, and Muppet Treasure Island. Disney Family Movies is the only video on demand subscription service offering the family entertainment of Disney movies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long.

There’s nothing like movie nights when it’s cold outside! Right now for us – snow has completely blanketed the ground around us. Not to mention the temps have dropped! There’s nothing like getting cozy in front of the TV and relaxing with my family and a really wonderful movie.

I LOVE that Disney Family Movies is offering this amazing experience this week because it’s just the perfect time for it! I was thrilled to see one of my ALL TIME FAVE movies on the list of premieres… The Parent Trap! And I’m not talking any of the remakes, I’m talking the original that I fell in love with as a kid from 1961 with Haley Mills! I’ll never forget renting that movie (remember VHS tapes?) every chance I got with my little sister. At one point in the movie there’s a scene where the “twins” sing to their parents and do a little dance for them, too. I remember rehearsing that particular scene with my sister for hours and then performing it for our parents! It made them so happy to see it! Disney truly knows how to bring the family together when it comes to movies!

Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity this week! As my kids are getting older, I have really begun to appreciate the time we spend together. We started a Friday Movie Night this school year back in September. Every Friday night after swim team we order pizza and watch a movie together. I LOVE being able to enjoy a Friday night with my family, doing something we all love to do… watch a really great movie! Since my kids age from 4-13 years old, Disney movies are our movies of choice!

I just LOVE that with Disney Family Movies on demand subscription service you get Disney movies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long! I mean… 24/7! AND!! Not to mention, there are new films and movie extras added every week. At one low monthly price you can get great entertainment and a real value from Disney. It doesn’t get better than that!!

Well… it might just because I have a GIVEAWAY!!

Leave a comment saying what Disney movie you love! I will choose a winner on January 20th!!

To subscribe to Disney Family Movies, contact your Cable or TV provider. Watch now on your local provider, get more details on their official website.

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  1. my favorite Disney Movie changes depending on my mood, but I love Toy Story and Up

  2. Also another all time favorite is the Apple Dumplin gang, and Pete’s dragon the original

  3. Oh my goodness, just one? I think I have to go with Lion King then. We find out this week if my son-in-law can get time of this summer to take the grandkids on their first vacation to Disney World with us. Wouldn’t this be a wonderful thing to win to take with? I think so!! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  4. My favorite Disney Movie is the Lion King! Brings back memories of seeing it in theaters as a kid, and I love the music! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  5. I would have to say Mary Poppins is my absolute fave Disney movie. I am heading to Disney on the 25th! cannot wait 🙂

  6. i love Beauty and the beast , i kinda like the new one better but they are both my favorites.

  7. I want to watch prep and landing with the kids – its a super fun Christmas movie but doesn’t get much air play.

  8. It’s so hard to just choose one Disney movie because we love them all! But if I had to choose Pinocchio, cars, Little Mermaid and Cinderella…

  9. my favorite Disney Movie is Lady and the Tramp,,always been one i could watch over and over again

  10. My all time favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid. I even named my little sister after Ariel when I was younger. 🙂

  11. It’s tough to pick just one but The Lion King will always have a special place in my heart. 🙂

FREE Preview Week of Disney Family Movies PLUS $100 GIVEAWAY!!!!!! #DisneyFamilyMovies was last modified: April 22nd, 2018 by admin