The Most Special Holiday Tradition of All

The Most Special Holiday Tradition of All

16 years ago we had our wedding reception at Blithewold Mansion in Bristol, RI. I fell in LOVE with this mansion when my parents moved to the small town of Bristol in 1997… I used to run by it and was so struck by its beauty. When my husband and I were looking for places to have our wedding reception in 2001, Blithewold was the only place that seemed perfect for us!

Since Blithewold held such a special place in our hearts, when I was pregnant with Victoria, Matt thought it would be extra special to host a baby shower there for me. My 5 guys hosted it for “us” and they made it so special and so beautiful and so meaningful. It was just perfect!

I wanted the connection of Blithewold to continue someway, somehow. I didn’t just want it to be a place we passed by in our car, I wanted it to really mean something. When Victoria’s 1st Christmas was rolling around in DEC 2013, my mother had the most perfect idea. Blithewold decorates for Christmas and it’s GORGEOUS and people come from all over to view the mansion in all of its festive glory! My mom suggested we take Victoria to “tour” the mansion and then continue to do this every Christmas with just the “girls!”

And so… in 2013 off we went! These photos always touch my heart because Victoria’s hemangioma had ulcerated, so we had to wrap her head.

Then 2014! My little one can now walk and run!

Then 2015!

Then 2016!

And now… this year, 2017!

We aren’t able to stay for the delicate, elegant tea yet… we keep joking and saying, “Next year!” But I will say this, we love going and even though we can tour the mansion in less than 30 minutes with the little ones, it’s the meaning as to why we’re there. We’re there for a holiday tradition and I love it. It’s so meaningful!

I love that my sister and her 2 little ones have joined us, too!

I just love being there with my Victoria. Part of her history started right in that very house… !

Thank you to my mother for continuing this beautiful and meaningful tradition for the holidays!

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The Most Special Holiday Tradition of All was last modified: April 23rd, 2018 by admin