Celebrating 1 Year of Permission to Hustle

One year ago we started a “little” Facebook Group called Permission to Hustle.

We started it because we wanted to give ourselves and women (and men) everywhere the permission to hustle. Hustling at something you love and that you are passionate about is an awesome feeling… and nobody should ever make you feel bad about going after what you want (regardless of your age!).

I’ll never forget someone once saying to me, “Bless your husband… you travel so much for work! Do your kids hate that?”

My response (in my head) was not the same thing that came out of my mouth, but it did make me think – when did it become a bad thing to want to work hard for my family AND myself? I’m proud of what I do and how hard I work. That was a HUGE kick in the butt to get Permission to Hustle off the ground!

This group has been such a blessing for us throughout the last year. We’ve met and connected with hundreds and hundreds of women who are all hustling… with Permission to Hustle we want to inspire, motivate and share business tips/advice to keep everyone’s hustle going!

Come on over and check us out!

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