12 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Festive for the Holidays

Looking to make your home festive for the holidays? I know I am. To me – nothing “screams” the holidays more than decorating!

Here’s my BIG secret though, I’m by no means a Martha Stewart. I’m not crafty. I’m not a fantastic DIY’er. I’m not an amazing decorator, but I love to make my home feel festive for my family throughout the month of December. When I was a kid my mother would take one day off of work right after Thanksgiving and decorate our entire house! I remember always getting excited for that particular day because I knew the house would be full on in holiday cheer mode! I would come off the bus that day and run like the wind to my house… as soon as I opened the door it was like walking into a winter wonderland to me. My mom would just always do an amazing job making the house feel so special!

I want this for my kids… but I’m not nearly as good as my mom! BUT! There are easy ways that you can (definitely) make your house festive for the holidays. As a matter of fact, I have 12 EASY ways to accomplish this feat for you and your family!

Do 1 or all of these to make your house special and full of holiday cheer!

#1 – Decorate with lights outside! It doesn’t matter if it’s perfect, it just matters that you tried! Although… I will say, my husband takes on this task and he ROCKS it out of the park every single time.

#2 – Take out your holiday books! I set up stacks throughout the house for the kids to grab and read throughout the month.

#3 – Christmas Countdown! It wouldn’t be Christmas without it! You can also create a red and green paper link chain!

#4 – Poinsettia plants throughout the house or outside! They add such a beautiful amount of cheer!

#5 – I started adding small “fake” trees in the kid rooms! They all love it and they’re allowed to decorate anyway they want!

#6 – Take out your holidays dishes and plates! Always gets us in the holiday mood!

#7 – GET YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE AND DECORATE IT! This is probably the top item to do!!

#8 – Garland is always fun to decorate with outside and/or inside! We decorated the fence out front and we love it! We even added in some white lights, too!

#9 – We decorated the stair rail and the kids love it! I bought this fun garland at a craft store and just thought it was ideal for the staircase!

#10 – Holiday photos throughout the years! I love bringing out photos from previous Christmas cards and also all the photos with Santa throughout the years! It always makes me smile VERY big and it’s the ONE thing people gravitate towards when they come visit!

#11 – Hang those stockings with care! This tradition always makes me happy!

#12 – Bring out my nutcracker and Santa collection! This tradition started years ago and I just love it to pieces! Every year we add a new Santa and nutcracker into the mix!

#13 – BONUS! We always hang up the holiday cards that we get every season, too! I love seeing all of our friends and family displayed on our walls!

See how easy it can be to decorate for the holidays and add festive cheer to your home? OH! And yes… you can play holiday music, too! This always is a fan favorite!


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