Superhero POWER with Dynacraft

It’s the year of the SUPERHERO!

As a mom of 5 kids, I personally love it. I think that having superheroes for kids to watch and be inspired and motivated by are a marvelous thing to have in our lives. My 4 sons have continuously been something “superhero” for Halloween every single year. Superheroes make kids believe that they can do and be anything. There’s a beauty in that kind of “superpower” and I love seeing it alive and well in my own house!

The best part of being a superhero fan is enjoying products that are superhero-themed, too! For my kids – this is (hands down) the BEST part! It’s a REAL knock-out-of-the-park when the item is something that’s epic and over-the-top cool… like The Avengers 12-Vot 4×4 by Dynacraft!

My little Avenger rocking her Dynacraft 4x4.

All I can say is this: Victoria took ONE LOOK and was in superhero love!

The Avengers 4x4 by Dynacraft is ready for action.

And then she got to actually go in and ride it!

Talk about feeling like you’re an actual superhero!

The Dynacraft 4x4 got all the little things right.

So what are the powers that Dynacraft Avengers 12V 4×4 ride-on bring to kids?

It has functional Roll Bar lights and Fog lights, which are the coolest for kids to check out! As you can tell from the photos, it’s a sweet ride – but the add-ons are the best part!!

She loves the removable Captain America shield that came with her Dynacraft Avengers 4x4.

I must admit, one of the best parts is that it comes with a removable Captain America shield that comes on the back of the ride-on! I mean, if you’re going to rock a 12-Volt Avengers 4×4 – you need a shield! This just adds to the SUPERPOWERS! You never know when you will need that extra protection to fight enemies!

She's ready to fight the forces of evil in her Dynacraft Avengers 4x4.

I personally love how it’s very easy for a child to maneuver and it’s a safe ride, too. It rides in forward and reverse, reaches a maximum speed of of 5 MPH and comes equipped with adjustable play seat belts. And the graphics – this is what I really appreciate about all of Dynacraft’s products. The ride-ons are so detail oriented and really makes sure the theme pops! The Avengers graphic on the side of the ride-on just makes the child feel extra powerful!

She's off to save the day in her Dynacraft Avengers 4x4!

Evil beware! *sniff* They grow up so fast.

As you can tell, Victoria rocks this just as well as any boy would, too! I love that superheroes are a perfect fit for boys AND girls! If you’re looking for a fabulous “big” gift item this holiday, this is IT! Your kids will love this ride and it will continue to bring them happiness and fun!!

More info here.

Disclosure: This is a partnership with Dynacraft. All opinions are 100% my own.

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Superhero POWER with Dynacraft was last modified: May 3rd, 2018 by admin