Hamsters in a House Toy Review #PerfectCompromise

Hamsters in a House Toy Review is something I’ve excited to share with you! I’m all about trying to find toys that are the real deal and won’t be ones that are a thorough waste of money! I love finding ones that really just go the long haul and really worth the expense and the money. There’s one thing I will never let the kids have at home, HAMSTERS (OK… and snakes, too!). I found the next best thing of all!

Hamsters in a House

I’ve been terrified of hamsters ever since I was a little girl. We had hamsters when I was a kid and one day one of them bit me and it just scarred me for life! I literally was scared as can be after getting bitten… so the rule has been, no hamsters! Since my 5 kids are obsessed with animals (including hamsters), this isn’t a rule that they love. They are always begging me for pets, especially hamsters (because they appear easy to them!). When I found out that ZURU had a toy called Hamsters in a House, I knew it would be PERFECT for the McClelland kids (esepcially Victoria and Henry!).

ZURU surprised them with some Hamsters in a House FUN recently!! I knew they were going to love these toys before they even arrived! I’ve been watching these commercials and they seemed like the perfect fit for my guys and girl! I love having toys that work for both boys and girls, another thing that I’m looking for right now! I think it’s awesome to see kids light up when something just clicks with them! It’s TOY MAGIC!

Hamsters in a House

What’s it all about? I’m telling you – you’re going to fall in love with these little critters, I mean creatures! There is so much to do in the world of Hamster in a House! Adorable hamsters come alive and are full of surprises. Watch as they buzz, scoot, scurry and zoom! You never know what they’ll do in their ever-growing world. Check out the newly released Hamsters in a House Food Frenzy Play sets. Collect them all!

Check it out!! I hope you like this video! We had so much fun making it and seeing what we could do with it! My daughter is a ham and I love when her and her brother do videos together because you never ever know what’s going to come out! She was so silly and really had so much fun making these cool places for her hamsters to live and play! Play it below! I’m telling you – your kids will love Hamsters in a House!

As you can tell, it’s absolutely ADORABLE! They are little and cute and sweet and quick and just super all over fun to play with and create with! Anything that translates into hours of fun is something that I’m all over! That to me is a win win when it comes to finding items that I can really sink my teeth into and have my kids get a super kick out of for the weekend!

For all the moms and dads out there, here are some key features of the Hamsters in a House:

– There are 11 new hamsters to collect in the Hamsters in a House Food Frenzy toy collection – make sure you stay on top of new ones coming out! It seems like there are news one popping up here and there!
– The mini hamsters are so cute and fun, you’ll want to collect them all – they really are adorable and fuzzy and super cute!
– These awesome playsets have multiple play sets and tracks that you can connect together to provide endless combinations and hours of fun. Original play sets and the new Food Frenzy play sets work together so you can keep adding to your growing collection! I love that you can just easily keep growing, you don’t have to worry about constantly buying new sets all the time.
– Great for children that love imaginative play, collectible toys, mini toys, and/or food!
– Available at Target, Toys R Us, and Amazon – love it! They’re everywhere!

Victoria can’t get enough and I LOVE that you can add on, too! It makes it such a wonderful gift for the holidays for everyone in your life when it comes to gift ideas! They are the real deal and I simply think that they have some magical powers within them, too because my kids sat for hours totally and utterly happy with everything!

Make sure you to take the time to check out my other fun things that I do with my girl! We’ve been Disneybounding lately and it’s been so much fun!! Make sure you head over and see what I’m doing and why I love it so much!! It’s an incredible thing to do with the little ones in your life who are looking for some interesting and creative ways to have some extra fun!

I have to add – an extra note here – for anyone truly looking for a way to bring some “pets” into your life. This is the way to do it! Victoria is dying for something real and it’s just not going to happen. I love this option because it’s a really cool way to expose your kids to fun toys that have some realness factors to them. I think it’s adorable to watch Victoria get all excited and go for it with the little toys. Hamsters aren’t my fave animal, so this really is a good way to bring them in!

Also – if you liked our YouTube link above, make sure you check out our YouTube channel. It’s a fun way for you to see what else we have going on in our lives and a cool way to share content! I share so much of my life on my channel and it’s fun to have it be there! I’m all about trying my hardest to express myself there and I think it’s such a fun way to be able to meet more and more people, too!!

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Hamsters in a House Toy Review #PerfectCompromise was last modified: May 14th, 2019 by Audrey McClelland
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Hamsters in a House Toy Review #PerfectCompromise was last modified: May 14th, 2019 by Audrey McClelland