Stepping UP with Annie!

If you watch any of our videos on YouTube, you know Victoria is obsessed with the movie Annie. She sings Annie tunes all the time, anywhere… and loves an audience! It’s the most adorable thing ever and someday when she’s older, I will miss the Annie serenading! As you can imagine, Annie has become a true rockstar in our house!

A few weeks ago my friend Katie over at Kt Steppers asked me if she could send Victoria an Annie-inspired gift! I was completely GAME and loved that she wanted to share something special with my little girl! Kt Steppers is all about offering unique, custom and personalized products for just about any occasion, so I was VERY excited to see what Katie was going to create! If you know Kt Steppers, you know that they are known for their “steppers,” which are incredible stepping stools. They are hand-painted and designed per order, so the beauty is that you know it was made just for you. The quality is just INCREDIBLE!

It’s funny… the second the package arrived for Victoria, I was just as excited as she was to see what Katie created for her!

I couldn’t get over the beauty of her own personal Annie stepper!

This beautiful stepper makes stepping up easy for my little girl.

Stepping Up is so Easy with Kit Steppers

Every single morning and evening Victoria uses her Stepper! And it’s always adorable to see her stepping up to the counter like a big girl! Being 4 years old, she needed a “little” help reaching the sink, so ANNIE has become her new best friend in the bathroom!

She looks so grown up stepping up to the sink on her own.

I love how this simple item has brought so much joy to Victoria. It’s hers. It’s her personal Stepper and she loves telling the boys that, too!

Victoria loves stepping up all on her own with her Annie stepper.

Not to mention, we use it every night when I brush her hair. It’s become our little tradition. It’s important to have items in your house that have meaning. It’s these items that I will save someday for Victoria’s children and let her tell them what they mean to her.

Thank you, Katie, for this beautiful gift from Kt Steppers! We LOVE it and will treasure it always!

And as Victoria would say to you, “The sun will come out tomorrow… Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow… they’ll be sun!”


Disclosure: Product was sent as a gift. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. That is so adorable! Both of my kids (yes even my son) went through an Annie phase and I loved every second. I loved when Victoria dressed up like Annie!

Stepping UP with Annie! was last modified: May 13th, 2018 by admin