Rice Krispies Treat Challenge

My mom used to make me Rice Krispies Treats when I was a kid. I LOVED them more than anything! They truly were such a classic, yummy and ultra-delicious snack. Whenever I saw them in the fridge, cut into squares – I would get so excited! Rice Krispies Treats really have been been making memories for families for generations.

So… imagine my surprise when my 12 year old son told me that I’ve never made homemade Rice Krispies Treats before. I mean, EVER. Which shocked me because I love Rice Krispies Treats and I “know” I’ve made them before for him. Nonetheless – he couldn’t remember and I knew I needed to change that. I also was trying to convince him that the homemade ones are better than the ones you buy in the store.


So the verdict?

Mommy 3
Rice Krispies 1

Although – I have to say –

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