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The power of friendship.

“Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people. Friendship is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association.”

Really (REALLY) great friendships are a beautiful and blessed thing to have in life.

I’ve been very lucky in my lifetime to have a good group of girlfriends. The type of girlfriends who would drop anything and everything for me. The type of girlfriends who know when I need a laugh and know when I need a shoulder to cry on. The type of girlfriends who are just loyal, beyond all.

Exploring the Power of Friendship

The team over at the Friendship Diaries partnered up with a real mom for a fun social experiment. The experiment explored the power of friendship by seeing if her friends would help her out with an extremely last-minute, very unpleasant task. Will they drop everything to help her out? Or not?

Watch this…

Honestly… I started crying 1/2 way through the video. The power of friendship was so evident and so real and so honest and so raw here. ALL OF HER FRIENDS SHOWED UP!! ALL OF THEM!! You could see the joy on Lauren’s face and it was so beautiful.

The Friendship Dairies made me think of my close group of girlfriends, girls (really ladies!) whom I have been friends with for years and years. I’m lucky to have different groups of friends. I have my girls that I have grown up with and have been in my life through it all. And I have the girls who I have met as a mom and through my journey of blogging. My very best friend is a woman I only met 9 years ago – Vera Sweeney. We met at a blogging conference and just instantly hit it off! We clicked! Within an hour we started came up with a business plan for a new business – and just forged on!

My friendship with Vera is different from my other friendships because we work together.

The power of friendship is extra strong with us.

It’s not just a friendly banter day in and day out, we’re also working together. We love to laugh and have fun, but we also know we need to be serious, too. What I love about my friendship with Vera is that she challenges me to go after a bigger dream for myself. She knows what my dreams and goals are and she’s someone who wants to help me get to them. She’s a partner. She’s a best friend. She’s someone who I know I could and would call at any time of day and she’d be there for me in an instant – work or non-work related! I’ve often heard that it takes a strong friendship to withstand being business partners and we’ve been blessed enough to make it work. It’s not always roses, but we love each other and respect each other as friends to make sure we get through any bumps. The most important thing for us is keeping our friendship in tact and powerful.

She has made me go for it in business time and time and time again… and for that, I will always be grateful. She’s also made me go for it on travel adventures because I’m not a big traveler, but with her by my side – I’m willing to take travel risks!

Thank you to the Friendship Diaries for the inspiration today. It was beautiful to watch that video and see all those ladies come together!


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The Power of Friendship #ThePowerofFriendship #FriendshipDiaries was last modified: May 22nd, 2018 by admin