How to Sage a House of Negative Energy

Have you ever sage’d your house?  It’s something that I try to do frequently because I feel it’s an important ritual to do a home. Why? Well – it’s something that interests me. How to Sage a House of Negative Energy. I mean – who wants negative energy in their house? If only we could sage our social media accounts something, too – right!? Let me start from the beginning as to why it’s important to me and how I learned how to do this (and why!).

How to Sage a House of Negative Energy

My very first job fresh out of college was working as an assistant to Donna Karan. I was exposed to a whole new world in her office of fashion, beauty, female entrepreneurship, astrology and honing in on intuition. It was incredible to me to learn and be around such things every single day… and all these things really became things I immersed myself in.

I’ll never forget moving into my new apartment in NYC and having one of my new NYC friend’s ask me if I “saged it yet.” Saged it? What did that mean? I had only heard of sage as in an herb. Was I supposed to cook something with sage in it in my new apartment? I literally had ZERO clue as to what she meant! I was so new to everything back then, a true suburbs, small town girl living in the Big Apple!

She laughed at me (in a good way!) and said, “No… you’re supposed to sage every new place you live in to clear out any negative energy.”

WHAT!!?? I had only lived in ONE house my entire childhood, so this was all new to me!

But… it got me thinking, here I am living in a new apartment that dozens and dozens of people have lived in, too. The apartment has everyone’s energy in it, so why not clear it all out and start fresh and new with me!? It MAKES perfect sense.

How to Sage a House of Negative Energy – and WHY

So guess what I did? I bought SAGE online and saged my apartment back in 2001.

Believe it or not I moved 4 times while living in NYC and every time I moved, I performed a SAGE ritual. I quickly became pretty good at teaching my friends and family on How to Sage a House of Negative Energy. I think it’s something that really does help and become very beneficial.

How to Sage a House of Negative Energy

How to Sage a House of Negative Energy

Clearing out energy in ones surrounding place enables neutral energy, which naturally helps with intuition. The Native American tribes were known to use sage for multiple purposes such as healing, clearing space and ceremonies. Many benefits can be gained in utilizing sage for smudging. If you’re not familiar with smudging, it’s Native American ritual that’s like a “spiritual house cleaning” or spiritual purification. – Mind Body Green

My process is this:

1. Purchase your sage. You can find it online very easily. Check out this page for Sage to Burn for Cleansing.

2. Light your Sage (or Smudge stick) and after it’s lit, extinguish the flame.

3. Use your hand and direct the smoke into the 4 directions – North, East, South, West) of your home/business/ritual space/self.

4. What I like to do is walk around my house and go to every single corner with the smoke.

5. As I’m walking I’m asking for all the negative energy to be cleared and asking for my intentions of my new house/space.

6. Take your time and really breathe in what you’re doing for yourself and your space.

7. Visualize any/all negative energy leaving the space and bring in positive and beautiful thoughts.

This is a beautiful and meaningful ritual to do in your new space(s).

I haven’t done it in our new home yet, so I’m excited to get going with my family!

I hope this helps!! Please refer to this post: How to Sage a House of Negative Energy – when you need it!

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*If you have any questions, feel free to send my way!


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  1. Pretty sure you have been reading my mind again. I have had multiple friends tell me to sage our current house to clear it of the energy build up and I kept meaning to read more about it.
    Heading to amazon now to buy it and make it happen this week.

How to Sage a House of Negative Energy was last modified: February 17th, 2019 by admin