Get Game Day Ready: The Game Day Challenge with my Husband #BeNFLReady

Game Day in our house is a big deal. Whenever there’s a football game on, the McClelland boys are watching. My husband and sons live and breath football. Well – actually – let me rephrase… they live and breathe STEELERS football. I’m all about the Patriots, along with the only other girl in our house – my daughter! She’s 4 years old… so I’m making sure she’s on “my” side!

A few weeks ago you may have seen me post on social about shooting a #NFLReady video with my husband. P&G – along with SheSpeaks – partnered with us in creating a Game Day Challenge! Oh, yes… a normal Game Day scenario that usually happens in our house with my husband! He loves to invite people over when the house is NOT (at all) ready for people!

Are you ready for the Game Day Challenge?

Watch what happens when my husband forgets to tell me that he invited friends over to watch football – just two days away! Will WE be NFL ready in time?

Make sure you are game day ready by prepping your home and having enough supplies on hand. We had a bunch of fun going head to head and shooting this!

So what do YOU think?

Can YOU get your house Game Day ready in time??

Check out SheSpeaks right now, too! They have a FUN Sweepstakes going on!!

Disclosure: Partnership with SheSpeaks and P&G. All opinions are 100% my own.

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