Generations of Cleaning with BISSELL

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There’s something really special about living close to my mom and my sister. We all live within five miles of each other (which is great for family bonding time and babysitting!). Not only do we have a blast working on together, but we also have a fun time dishing with each other about items – clothing, accessories, food and household – that we each absolutely, positively need in our homes. My sister and I always tell my mom how with it she is on trends and styles (on just about everything) because she always loves to give us the heads up on the latest and greatest out there – it’s adorable!

Our lives are certainly different from each other.

I’m a mom of five with kids ranging in age from four to 13 years old. My life is all about school and homework and sports practice and tons of different after school activities. I also run my own business from home, so I’m constantly working throughout the day just trying to get everything and anything on my plate finished before school bus drop-off time! I always joke with my husband that I feel like we’re on a merry-go-round during the day! Our lives really revolve around our toddler, our tweens and now our teen!

My sister is a mom of two little ones, who works outside of the home. Her husband has his own business too outside of the home, so they rely on a nanny to be home during the day to handle their 16 month old baby girl and three year old son. Since Jane is in the throws of babyhood and toddlerhood, along with being the mom of two doggies… their life is pretty centered around their home after work. They’re not in the throws of school or sports or after school activities just yet!

And my mom is a retired teacher, grandma of 12! Her and my father enjoy a beautiful life in their dream home, which is a perfect fit for them. They’re VERY active and love to bike ride and go for long walks and jogs. They adore every single one of their grandkids and spend as much time as they possibly can entertaining us over at their house. My mom is also the caretaker of her mom, my grandma who is 92 years old! My grandma spends a lot of time with my parents at their home, which is something that is very near and dear to my mom’s heart.

As you can tell, we’re all living and leading very different lives, but we’re all very much the same in many different ways.

One way in which we’re exactly the same… we love a clean and tidy home.

It’s funny, throughout my childhood my mom always kept our house clean and organized and tidy. I loved it, I really do feel that a chaotic house breeds chaos and that’s everything I don’t want in my house! I learned from example with my own mother to do everything I can to make sure my house is neat and clean for my family. It’s important for me to make sure my kids feel comfortable and cozy in their own environment.

But here’s the REAL deal with me… with five kids, life can be messy – and that’s putting it lightly! I need to make sure I’m cleaning every single day or my house would be full on mess from top to bottom! I need tools and appliances that are going to help me clean quickly and efficiently!

BISSELL® recently sent all three of us their BISSELL Multi Reach™ Cordless Vacuum to try out in our homes.

One thing is that BISSELL knows life can and will get messy, so they want to help you clean it up! They want to be there for you and I love them for it! Each of us have different needs in our homes (like me needing it multiple times throughout the day!) and it’s amazing that this one appliance can do so much to help out at home.

So what do we EACH love about it?

Let me kick it off with myself… I love is that it’s lightweight. I’m not lugging around 50 pounds while I’m trying to clean and vacuum. It’s only about five pounds and it’s awesome because with that kind of weight I can easily get to places that my upright doesn’t reach to. I’m always trying to get to tough nooks and crannies in my kitchen and I’m FINALLY able to get to them!  

I always joke with my husband that food from my kids ALWAYS seems to drop exactly where my upright can’t reach, it used to drive me crazy! Now I don’t have that problem anymore! It’s perfection!

I can also finally reach up high and get any dust on my ceiling windows and fans throughout my house! I used to have to stand on a chair and balance myself with a rag! Gone are those days!!

AND!! A HUGE bonus for me because my kids love to eat in my car as we’re racing from school to practice and beyond, I can switch it to a hand vacuum to my car! This is amazing for me because I don’t have to stop anymore at gas stations and pop quarters into a machine to pick up crumbs and little bits and pieces! I was so excited to see that I could easily do this with the BISSELL Multi Reach! Talk about convenience for a VERY busy mom!

And just so you know, it comes with the actual Multi Reach, upholstery tool, dusting brush, crevice tool and suction nozzle. All the tools to get the job done! 🙂

And what about my mom?

I’m a Grandma of 12 (ages 1-16) active grandkids and two granddogs who all live near us and love to visit Pop-up and me. We cook, bake, do craft projects and play inside and outside. Lots of happy messes! Pops and I also frequently entertain family and friends and love easy cleanups.

This vacuum is incredibly easy to store, charge and USE for all of our cleaning needs. Lightweight – which is big for me as I’m getting older. Easily charged with no plugging and unplugging as I move from room to room. This is the BEST stick vacuum I’ve ever used and with the least effort. I have never cleaned my many blinds in such record time or cleaned UNDER things with such ease! This vacuum fits into my life like a best friend… always there, understands my needs and versatile enough to roll with the journey of my very busy life!

She’s quite the fan!!

And what about my sister? She’s the one with two little ones and doggies!

I feel like there’s messes all the time in my house with my kids. There’s always messes in my living room and playroom because that’s where the kids love to hang out. Since my house is very contained because I don’t want my babies all over the house by themselves, I’m always focused on trying to keep those two rooms clean as can be. Since I also have two dogs, it’s important for me to constantly make sure I’m vacuuming up any dog hair. That’s a big thing for me. I love that the Multi Reach easily works on different surfaces – from my stairs to my upholstery to my hardwood floors. I love that it’s so versatile and works with what you already have at home. My son Brian loves seeing the lights! He thinks it’s just fun to watch, but I know that the LED lights are letting me see where the dirt hides. Any hard to reach spot in my house? Well – I’ve now got them all covered.

As you can tell, the Couto-McClelland-Govednik girls are BIG FANS!! It really is amazing that the Multi Reach’s powerful suction squeegee technology can and does clean messes quickly and efficiently. The swivel steering and handle is awesome because it easily maneuvers around and under furniture, which is key – especially with all the stuff we have in our homes!

Want a clean home? Grab one!

As you can tell, even with our different cleaning needs and lives our Multi Reach is a BIG cleaning lifesaver! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and ask us!


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  1. This looks like the best tool for cleaning the house…stairs, floors, cars, even high places. I will be asking for this for Christmas for sure!

  2. Loving the flexibility of this product. I will have to look for this one next time we need a vaccum

  3. What a cool vacuum! I am always trying to keep up with messes around the house. My daughter is allergic to cats – and we have two – so it is important to keep up with cleaning the house. I would love one of these!

  4. I just got the cordless Bissell and I love it! The easier it is, the more likely I am to keep a clean home, and we should all have one of those!

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