What Brings You Happiness?

What brings you happiness?

True, utter happiness.

Head to toe happiness where you just feel calm and peaceful.

1. feeling or showing pleasure or contentment

I feel this way when I’m with my family and I’m on the water. My family brings happiness and being on the water brings my happiness. When these 2 are combined, I’m at total peace. I mean peace from head to toe and it’s pure bliss and happiness for me. Every stress in my body floats away and I love it.

This weekend we took our family out for a sunset boat ride. It was a spectacular night in Rhode Island… the weather was perfect, the sky was perfect, the water was perfect… it was really a perfect night. Everything was aligned in the universe. The week had been a stressful one, so it was wonderful grabbing the kids and my husband and just going out for a ride. On the water there aren’t any stresses or worries for me, it’s just peace.

What brings you happiness? This is what brings me happiness.

As I sat back and watched my 4 sons fish with a friend, watched Victoria play with my phone and watched my husband embracing the beautiful scenery around him, I felt happy. Feeling happy is the best feeling in the world because you feel like you can do anything and take on anything. I walked out to the front of our boat and just put my arms out, just reaching out into the world and giving it a hug!

On the water with my family. This is my happy place.

That felt good. As much as my sons started laughing at me when I was doing it, it made me laugh right back! I love making them laugh and seeing them giggle with each other. It’s a rite of passage to “make fun of your mom” and I think it’s funny to see my kids doing it to me! None of them have ever seen the movie Titanic, so they really don’t get the reference, “I’m the KING of the WORLD!” I think they think I just made it up!

This is what happiness is all about.

But the best part for me is just being truly happy. My husband snapped a few photos of me laughing with my kids and I LOVED seeing them! This is when they were making fun of me! LOL!

What brings you happiness? For me, it's my husband taking these shots.

This is my favorite photo of all.

I just see HAPPINESS in my face.

Pure happiness.

Pure calm.

Pure peace.

What brings YOU happiness??

Share it with me or find it within yourself!

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What Brings You Happiness? was last modified: May 31st, 2018 by admin