How to Make the BEST Fall Seasonal Sandwiches

How to Make the Best SandwichHow to Make the BEST Fall Seasonal Sandwiches

Fall is quickly creeping upon us in New England.

The weather is getting cooler.

The leaves are slowly beginning to change.

Pumpkins and mums and costumes are out on display (just about everywhere!).

How to Make the BEST Fall Seasonal Sandwiches

Yes… you can really feel FALL in the air and I love it! This is my most favorite time of the year, especially since I live in Rhode Island and get to experience the beauty and magic of Fall! Part of that magic is seasonal sandwiches!

This is the perfect spot to enjoy some seasonal sandwiches.

Seasonal Sandwiches Make Life so Much Tastier

We’re the kind of family that loves to create seasonal foods and dishes. With each new season change, our family menu changes a bit, too. My husband is a MAJOR foodie, so for him, it’s just super fun to create and make different dishes and recipes for our family each season. He loves seeing the excitement and the happiness that “new” seasonal recipes bring all of us (especially me!).

A little fun fact about me, I’m a huge sandwich lover. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. If I could turn every item I eat into a sandwich, I would.  We’re BIG fans of McKenzie Natural Artisan Deli, so I put my husband (and self!) up to the challenge to create some amazing seasonal sandwiches using the deli meat from McKenzie’s that we love to buy for our family.

McKenzie is perfect for seasonal sandwiches.

We Love McKenzie for Our Seasonal Sandwiches

McKenzie is personal for us because it’s a New England brand. They were founded in 1907 in Burlington, VT (one of the most gorgeous places!) with a simple mission: to put quality above all else. From its South Burlington address, McKenzie distributes direct store delivery to most of Vermont, as well as in select New England and New York locations. The brand prides itself on using the highest quality whole muscle meat, with no hormones or antibiotics, ever; It crafts meats and cheeses with authentic flavors using simple, wholesome food values and all natural, clean ingredients that consumers can understand. They simply are INCREDIBLE. For my local Rhode Islanders and Massachusett friends – we buy at Dave’s Marketplace, but you can also buy at Big Y.

McKenzie Natural Artisan Deli offers a variety of different products, which (truthfully) made it a little tough for us to narrow down just what we wanted to use to create our seasonal sandwiches!

Products available at Big Y and Dave’s Marketplace include:
• Antibiotic Free Buffalo Style Chicken
• Antibiotic Free Rotisserie Seasoned Chicken
• Antibiotic Free Rotisserie Seasoned Turkey
• Antibiotic Free Uncured Rosemary Herb Ham
Antibiotic Free Uncured Honey Ham
• Antibiotic Free Hickory Smoked Turkey
• Antibiotic Free Maple Honey Turkey
• Antibiotic Free Herb Roasted Turkey

We decided to hone in on 2 meats… Antibiotic Free Rotisserie Seasoned Turkey and Antibiotic Free Uncured Honey Ham.

What did we CREATE? (Are you ready for this!!??)

Seasonal Sandwich #1: Traditional Thanksgiving Day Sandwich

What do we use?

Antibiotic Free Rotisserie Seasoned Turkey, (warm) Stuffing, Apple-Cranberry Sauce on a Whole Wheat Roll. We wanted to create something that wasn’t going to be too heavy, but something that was going to be hearty. We totally accomplished this goal!

Just look at all that deliciousness.

Assembling time! Look how good that turkey looks! Sliced to perfection!

You want delicious seasonal sandwiches? Just look at that!

This was AMAZING!! Every bite was a perfect combination of each item! We will

OK… so turkey and Thanksgiving go hand in hand, right? Whenever the Fall season rolls around, we start to get VERY excited for Turkey Dinners and cozy, comfort food. Since everyone in our family loves a Turkey Dinner, we thought – let’s just pop it all into a sandwich!

Seasonal Sandwich #2: Harvest Ham Sandwich

What did we use for this yummy treat?

Antibiotic Free Uncured Honey Ham, Brie, Arugula, Green Apple Slices and Backyard Food Company’s Apple Butter on an Herb Focaccia Bread.

I mean…….. I can’t!!!!!! I’m drooling just looking at these photos again!

So much tastiness here!

Seasonal sandwiches are a foodie's dream.

As you can tell, we had some FUN creating these seasonal sandwiches.

They were as delicious as they look!

I wish I could give out free samples to you all of these sandwiches!

McKenzie Natural Artisan Deli is just amazing, definitely check them out! They’re our go-to for basic sandwiches for the kids, too! You can’t go wrong! Everything is just high quality and yummy as can be!

For more information and where to buy, visit the McKenzie website at

Disclosure: Sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. I could totally devour that Harvest Ham Sandwich right now! I love the flavor combo you created with the meat. McKenzie Natural Artisan meats sound like a great way to incorporate more healthy food into my diet.

  2. You are making me hungry for a picnic lunch, but I’m also thinking I see some great lunches for my middle school daughter in your photos. Thank you!

  3. We have a local sub shop that makes an incredible Thanksgiving-themed sandwich year round. Turkey and cranberry aren’t just for the Fall any more!

  4. I love that sandwich, I really am going to have to hire you to make my sandwiches from now on! Thanks for sharing an idea for me to make for us to eat up during our work at home days.

  5. Sounds like a fantastic sandwich! I have been obsessed with arugula lately, and this sounds like a delicious combination of flavors. Never thought to have some stuffing on the side, but that would be yummy!

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