Last First Day of Preschool for my Last Baby

Yesterday was the last first day of preschool for my last baby.

Did you catch all that? LOL!

My baby girl went off to preschool and it was emotional and fun and adorable all at the same time. I’ve been saying it over and over and over again, but Victoria has been ready for all day preschool since LAST year! I only had her in a 1/2 day program all last year because I was afraid she would miss us too much all day. She soared last year, but we were so in a routine, I just kept everything the way it was throughout the year.

I knew this year would be different.

This is my last baby going off to Preschool.

As you can imagine, she picked out her full outfit from head to toe. She wouldn’t hear of it that pants would be too hot. She “needed them” for school. She loved the skirt and pant duo, so I let her go for it and have some fun with it! Her FEARLESS shirt was kismet for me because she just loved that it was purple. I loved the message because she IS my FEARLESS girl!

I didn’t cry when I left.

I didn’t feel sad without her as I drove off.

I was happy for her and I know she needs this… she’ll make friends and learn new things and be part of this wonderful community.

But it did hit me yesterday. I’m used to having my little sidekick at home. I’m used to stopping throughout the day to check on her and see how she is doing. I’m used to being asked a million questions throughout the day. I’m used to making lunch for 2. I’m used to asking her if she wants to take a nap and having her hide on me!

When 3PM rolled around, I was excited to see her! REALLY excited!

And… just as I expected, here was Victoria at 4PM yesterday afternoon.

The sign of a REALLY good day at school!

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