Introducing Circle Round a NEW Podcast for Kids

I’ve been listening to podcasts for years now. There’s something very soothing to me about always having something on at home and podcasts (for me) during the day and the weekends are my go-to. My husband is also a podcast lover, so we’re constantly talking and sharing and listening. My 13-year-old just recently asked me what it is that I love about podcasts and I told him 2 things:

1. I love to learn new things
2. I love to hear perspectives on different topics

There’s nothing like listening to something and walking away feeling better, feeling more knowledgeable or feeling the need to go out into the world and dig myself deeper into a topic or discussion.

I was THRILLED to hear the news that there was a NEW podcast for kids ages 4-10 because 3 of my little ones fall directly in that age bracket – my Victoria, my Ben and my Henry.

What is this NEW podcast?

Circle Round – The Podcast for Kids

Say hello to… Circle Round – a new storytelling podcast for kids from the WBUR producing team behind the popular podcast Modern Love. Amazing, right? Now I’m a New England girl, so give me a second to brag right now about WBUR. WBUR is Boston’s NPR station and the home of national programs such as: On Point, Here & Now, and Only A Game and Car Talk. The cool thing is that the WBUR iLab is the 8th largest producer of podcasts in the country. They are part of this and I absolutely love it!

So what is Circle Round ALL about?

Circle Round is narrated by Rebecca Sheir, a seasoned public radio host with a phenomenal voice, and stars some of today’s most exciting theater, film and TV actors performing carefully selected folktales from around the world . Circle Round provides global perspectives with voices representing cultures from around the world. Episodes include prompts for discussion, giving children and their parents/caregivers plenty of food for thought long after the story ends. Stories delve into diverse and accessible topics such as kindness, persistence, and generosity. The stories are even adapted for modern families into 5- to 20-minute audio episodes featuring original music and sound design.

When can you start listening with your kids?


New episodes air Tuesdays at 3pm, which started on September 19th!

My kids love listening to Circle Round.

What’s fascinating to me is the evolution of storytelling. Children have always enjoyed story time – whether around campfires, at libraries or before bed. Now they have the opportunity to connect over timeless and beautifully narrated stories in audio format. It’s the evolution of our world and where we’re going and I think that it’s phenomenal.

Circle Round is a great option for parents looking for an alternative to screentime, which is something for my 4-10 year old that I’m very invested in finding for them. Kids love great stories, especially ones you can listen to anywhere, anytime. It’s amazing how inspired children get from a really great story.

Subscribe to Circle Round via iTunes , Stitcher , or your favorite podcast app and download episodes!


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Introducing Circle Round a NEW Podcast for Kids was last modified: May 23rd, 2018 by admin