HasCon Fan Event Created by Hasbro: Why You MUST Attend


What’s HasCon?

Hasbro had their first ever fan and family convention this past weekend (September 8-10th) where attendees of all ages experienced their favorite Hasbro brands up close and personal. HasCon was held at the Rhode Island Convention Center and Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence RI, so for our family it was the PERFECT location (not to mention, directly across the street from a Hasbro office!).

My kids couldn’t wait to attend! All of their buddies at school were talking about it all week, so it got them even more excited to head to HasCon and check it out! I’m not kidding – it was the coolest and best thing that’s hit Rhode Island (in their eyes!) ever!

What I truly loved about HasCon was that it was for people of ALL ages, not just kids. Of course my kids had the time of their lives, but I do, too (as did my husband!).

It was just fantastic celebrating the power of play at this first-of-its-kind “con”! The event itself was 3 unforgettable days of meet-and-greets, sneak peeks, and fan-centric surprises from your favorite characters and stories, and an insider’s look at how the magic happens. What I loved even more was that there were Hasbro crew members on site at event station talking and engaging with people! We’re the customers, so it was so much fun to really get an inside look and get access to people that MAKE these products!

Some cool features at HasCon, which was ALL about interacting and engaging… I mean, you could touch and play with just about everything!

– Hands-on, interactive experiences with major Hasbro brands and partner brands
– Super-Sized Pie Face Game
– Custom-built Nerf Battle Arena (my sons stayed here for over an hour!)
– My Little Pony “Ponification” Makeovers
– BeyBlade Battles
– Props from Hasbro’s Biggest Movies
– Endless Selfie Opportunities
– Tons of fun for toddlers and babies!

I hope, hope, hope Hasbro hosts this again next year!! There were tons of people there, so I’m hoping for them (and thinking!) it was a huge success!!

Can’t thank Hasbro enough for inviting our family!!

Disclosure: This was a hosted event. Tickets were comped for me and my family. All opinions are 100% my own.

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