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With school back in session, so come the after-school activities, too. For my five kids and our family, it’s the start of swim team, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, and CCD. We’re mixing it up a bit this year by adding in some new sports for the boys, and Victoria will be starting sports for the first time! Our little preschooler is ready to get into the swing of things! We moved to a new community, so they all thought it would be fun to try some new sports, too! All of these activities start in September, and it’s something that keeps us super busy and on the go!

My kids love Clif Kid ZBar

These Clif Kid Zbars are tasty.

Since we’re regularly an on-the-go family and BIG into the sports that our kids play, we’re used to being here, there, and everywhere all the time. We spend a lot of time in the car driving from school to practice to meets and games. After-school activities are so important for kids and I’ve always been a big proponent of encouraging fellow parents to get their kids involved.

Why are after-school activities important?

  1. Bonding Time with Your Kids: When your kids are involved in after-school activities, so are you. You’re the one driving them where they need to be and picking them up. It’s a wonderful way to be additionally present in their lives. It’s also a great conversation starter with your kids, it opens up a dialogue about new sports or clubs.
  2. Meeting New Friends: I’ve seen this with my own kids and I love it! After-school activities are such a wonderful way to meet new friends! My kids are big swimmers, and it’s so great to see them meet kids in the New England area who also swim! They might not go to school with them, but they swim with them and share that sport. I love seeing them get so excited about hanging out with kids on the weekend that they don’t regularly see!
  3. No Couch Potatoes: Oh, yes! I’m going to say it! I’ve often told my kids that sitting on the couch after school is NOT an after-school activity! I want them to be involved in something that will keep them moving or keep them interested. Whether it’s theatre or music or dance or sports or whatever… sitting on the couch after-school is not an option.
  4. Finding New Interests: Kids need to explore different things to discover what they love! I love after-school activities as a way to get my kids to try new things and see what peeks their interest.
  5. Well-Rounded: It’s important to be a well-rounded student! It’s a great way to keep focused and organized because time needs to be well spent.

Clif Kid ZBars Go Perfectly with Afterschool Activities

Since we are always on the go with afterschool activities, it’s important to make sure the kids are fueled up and ready to go! I’m definitely a parent that likes to make sure my kids are eating snacks that they love and taste good, but I also really like to make sure it’s something that’s good for them, too.

Clif Kid Zbars are delicious and wholesome, and they come in great flavors.

What’s usually in our snack bag?

My kids have become BIG fans of CLIF Kid Zbar Filled for their snack before after-school activities. You’ll see my kids eating CLIF Kid Bars on the pool deck, in the baseball dugout, on the basketball sidelines, and carrying them with their lunches. For me, it’s just always been an incredible item to pack for them because CLIF Kid recipes come in kid-friendly flavors – made from nutritious and organic ingredients – to keep them going, growing, and exploring. It’s pretty much that simple for me.

You can find these bars at your local grocery store.

My kids can't keep their hands off these bars!

Everybody wants one of these tasty bars.

Clif Kid Zbars are tasty and healthy. You can't beat that!

So what is it about CLIF Kid Zbar Filled?

It’s a tasty new snack bar with whole grains and delicious nut butter filling inside each bar. I’m telling you, my kids LOVE them. They’re that kind of snack that fills your kids up, tastes greats and is (the best news for me) nutritious. They’re also organic! All of my kids have different likes and dislikes, so I was happy to see that they had options with CLIF Kid Zbar Filled in three flavors:

Apple filled with Almond Butter
Double Peanut Butter
Chocolate filled with Peanut Butter

Something for every McClelland kid! 🙂

As we’re gearing up for all of our activities to kickoff again, I’ll be stocking up! I love how easy they are to toss into a backpack or swim bag! Easy on-the-go transport for kids, which is just the best! I definitely recommend adding these snacks into your snack-time routines!

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments!

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  1. Those look awesome! My daughter is out of school and out of the house, but I still keep these around for myself. They’re great for on the go snacks or quick meals when I’m rushed.

  2. We are a family with a lot of afterschool activities going on also and I agree, it is so important to have them involved in doing an activity . I haven’t hear of Clif Kid Zbar before, being that they are organic I would love to see if my kids would enjoy these snacks. I believe they would get a kick out of trying the Double Peanut Butter one! Thanks for sharing

  3. OK those look good. I’ve been trying to find an awesome after school snack, or even lunch item to help my kids power through the day. These look like just the thing. I think I’m interested to try them also! Yum!

  4. My kids love the Clif Zbars. Great to have a box of these on hand for everything from school lunches to sports practice to just needing a snack on the go. Very convenient and tasty!

  5. We absolutely love Cliff Bars but haven’t seen these. Such a great idea to have them filled with extra protein and great flavours. Will keep these in mind for pre-hockey snacks!

  6. Clif bars are the preferred brand at our house. Our girls always request them, especially during the school day as they have a late lunch.

  7. These bars are good. I agree car time is a good time to chat, especially with teens!! Speaking from experience.

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