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I have to say, I absolutely LOVE Hilde Cracks the Case – Hero Dog! book because I am just in awe of the author – Hilde Kate Lysiak. Can you believe this is the author of Hero Dog!?If you’re not familiar with Hilde, get ready to be dazzled by her! Hilde Kate Lysiak is the reporter and publisher of the Orange Street News. Since starting her paper at the age of seven Hilde has written and published hundreds of stories in her hometown of Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. Hilde has been recognized for her work in the New York Times, NBC Today Show, GMA, The Washington Post, and thousands of other media across the world. She is… in a word – incredible! What a powerhouse!!

Hero Dog!

Hilde Lysiak just released with Matthew Lysiak on September 12 the book – About Hero Dog! Hilde Lysiak is starring in her very own Branches early chapter book series — inspired by news stories Hilde wrote in real life! Hero Dog! is perfect for young reads because it's written by a young reader. In this first book, there’s been a break-in on Orange Street! Cupcakes have been stolen, and soon a pie goes missing, too. Hilde and her sister/photographer, Izzy, must interview witnesses and follow the clues. Can Hilde crack the case in time to post her news story online? Joanne Lew-Vriethoff’s personality-filled illustrations appear on every page, bringing Hilde’s adventures to life for young readers!

How amazing is this???

What I love even more is that it’s a Scholastic Branches book!

Scholastic Branches is the perfect source for kids' books like Hero Dog!

Branches is a unique line of books specifically designed for newly independent readers, typically kids ages 5 to 8 (which is exactly my Henry’s range). The Branches line is here to help you foster a love of reading in your kids and give them the tools they need to become life-long readers. Each book includes: easy-to-read text, simple plot lines, plenty of context cues, cliffhanger chapter endings, and purposeful illustrations (on every page!) that aid in reading comprehension.  Feeling like a successful reader will bolster your child’s self-confidence, which will lead to an increased interest in reading.

I love having reading be fun for them!

AND!!! I have a GIVEAWAY, too!!!

Get in on this great Hero Dog! giveaway.

One (1) winner receives:

  • Copy of Hero Dog!
  • Plus an Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet

Open to US addresses only.

Prizing and samples provided by Scholastic.

AMAZING, right?????

How you enter… share with me below why you love to read!

I will choose a winner on September 28th!


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  1. I have always love to read,,checked out books every day from the liburary it is relaxing to me to get my mind off my problems

  2. We love to read because it takes us to another world. Also it helps us relax and get ready for bed each night. #ScholasticBranches

  3. I love to read and get lost in the story and immerse myself in the characters and world created by the author/s.

  4. I have been a reader since I was a little girl. I love the places a book takes me, the things that I learn and how it can make me laugh and cry. What I love most about books is that I have passed along this love to my children and grandchildren and they can get that same special feeling that a good book can give.

  5. I love to read because it takes me to a different world. I didn’t really have friends as a child but I had books which helped me imagine myself elsewhere. Over time they have introduced me to entirely new things and shown me a incredible amount of information.

  6. I have loved reading since I was a kid and try to read every night with my own kids so they will love it as well.

  7. Oh reading is such a stress reliever for me and always has been. I love reading whenever I get a chance…I learn so much from books too! I think my favorite time of the day is storytime before the kids go to bed! We love reading all the great kids books…they never get old and always makes us laugh!

  8. Growing up reading made up for not having any friends my age to play with and an escape, but now I love to read to immerse myself into a HEA and to relax

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  9. I never realized that Amazon had a kid’s edition tablet! That would have been so handy for us – we went through a lot of screens…

  10. This is awesome! I love that the books are being authored by a kid. I also like the new Scholastic Branches category. My 6 year old reads ahead of his age and I’m looking for chapter books that are at his level.

  11. How amazing is she! My son would love this book. I love to read because I love reading about other people’s lives!

  12. Hero Dog looks and sounds like another amazing book idea for kids. I really love stocking up on books here for kids of all ages, it’s my favorite thing to do!

  13. I have always loved to read. As a kid, it was for the adventure. As an adult, it’s a great way to decompress.

  14. Reading is one of my favorite past times whenever I can I will lead. I am hoping that my children will also love to read as much as I do. This book looks very cute and I love Scholastic books.

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