Moments Like This, Of Beauty & Truth ~

Moments Like This, Of Beauty & Truth ~

Some moments are poetry in motion.

They are often ordinary and they are often spontaneous.

But these Moments are also Beauty and they are Truth.

And they are fleeting, too.

I don’t exactly know why I found my 14-month old granddaughter Eve’s gaze and smile at her 92-year old great-grandmother, my Mom, so intriguing… but I did.

I captured this precious moment ~

But I could never have imagined the moment to instantly follow.

Eve saw Beauty.

She saw Truth.

She saw Poetry in Motion.

She saw Grandma Rita’s Beauty and Truth and Poetry and almost leaped from her Mama’s arms to capture what cannot be seen nor explained but for Love…

And I caught the Poetry.

I captured the Moment.

I caught the Kiss.

I think I truly caught Beauty & Truth.



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