House Update: Speechless Over an Empty House

I’m continuing with our house update! As you know, we’re in the process of prepping our house for sale and moving to a new town in Rhode Island. We made the decision to just go for it this past May, so we’ve been in fast forward motion with our house, working – working – working, trying to get it prepped for sale! I thought it would be fun to document everything for our kids because I know this was – truly – their childhood home that we’re leaving. It’s not easy for them leaving a place that they know and brought them comfort. We’re onto a new adventure for all of us and I love that we’re doing it together!

There are different stages of prepping for a move, especially when you’re also trying to prep for a move during it:

You prepare for a move.
You pack for a move.
You clean and scour the house for anything and everything for a move.
But then moving day comes and it’s……. surreal!

When I saw every big piece of furniture out of the house, it got emotional for me. It was VERY real. I was literally speechless and couldn’t process what I was seeing. The funny thing is that I’ve been excited and preparing for moving day for a long time now, but when it was actually here — when I actually saw our house empty — it got me.

As you can see, I WAS actually speechless, I had to cut the video.

It’s coming together, slowly but surely. We’re in the new house with BOXES galore, but we’re going through them one by one! I will update tomorrow where we are in the new move and will continue to chronicle our selling journey!

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